Like it or not, we only live once and rather than letting life take us along, we can create special moments and etch them in our memories. We all have a dream car, the one you would buy if you won the lottery and there are quite a few milestones in our lives that warrant renting a supercar and here are just a few examples.

Getting Engaged

This is a very special occasion and one that definitely call for the rental of a prestige car and if you are wondering where to hire a supercar, there are luxury cars for rent with Rich Cars that you can rent for your marriage proposal. If you book a romantic restaurant and turn up in a Ferrari, she will be blown away and with the ring in your pocket and a chilled bottle of champagne, the perfect proposal awaits!

Getting Married

What better vehicle to turn up for your wedding ceremony than a top of the Range BMW or Mercedes? The prestige car rental company would have a wide range of top cars and if you are lucky, they will have a special white Rolls Royce, complete with ribbons and all. A Google search is all it takes to locate a prestige car rental firm and with their help, your journey to the church will be memorable.

The Ultimate Driving Experience

If you are a keen driver with a performance car in the garage, why not rent a Lamborghini or Porsche 911 Turbo for the day? Feel that raw power under the hood and experience the superb handling of a premier supercar and you can treat yourself on your 40th birthday, as a special experience that you will cherish forever. Of course, if you are going to rent a supercar for 24 hours, you do want to plan your time, with a restaurant reservation that involves a nice drive through sweeping country roads in order to get the most out of the experience. Life is all about having new experiences and there’s no reason why you can’t get behind the wheel of a supercar.

Entertaining a VIP

This is the ideal time to rent a prestige BMW, which certainly projects the right image and that could lead to a very profitable relationship. The car can be at the airport to receive your guest and you can have it available at any time during their stay, which is 5-star hospitality that everyone loves.

Dad’s Retirement

If your father is about to retire, renting him a Porsche or Ferrari for the day would certainly be appropriate. You know what his dream car is and with a Google search, you can find a local sports car rental company and take a look at their impressive fleet and it wouldn’t be hard to set up the ultimate surprise and drive dad to the showroom and hand him the keys.

Meeting Her Parents

This is always a tense time and if you are sure that your fiancée is the one for you, why not invite her parents for a dinner at a nice restaurant? Rent a top of the range BMW and pick them up, which will be very warmly received and this should go a long way to easing their concerns. First impressions do count and by making an effort, you can project the right image and set out on a good footing with your future in-laws.

Online Solutions

If you were wondering how to find a company that rents out supercars, Google is your best friend and once on their website, you can view their entire fleet and make the arrangement for your special occasion. Of course, you would need to have a valid driving licence in Thailand in order to drive a supercar and the rental package would naturally include comprehensive insurance. The rental company would have a staff member acquaint you with the car before you take it out and with all the paperwork sorted, you are behind the wheel of the car of your dreams.


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