Cheap WordPress Hosting Recommendation for Each of 3 Hosting Types


Choosing the best WordPress hosting service is important. Yet, you can’t just choose the service based on the performance and features offered by that provider. You also need to consider the other two important factors, which is the hosting type and its prices. So, here, we have a list of the cheap WordPress hosting for each hosting type. You can try them or use them to compare with other services, and then find one that you want.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting

Among the other types of WordPress hosting, shared hosting is the cheapest one. As you already know, this hosting hosts several websites from several clients in one server.

In short, they are sharing the server performance for those websites. So, if we compare it with the other types, this one also has the lowest performance. But, the price is also the cheapest.

Now, among many shared WordPress hosting, we would like to recommend this hosting provider, if you are looking for saving more money. This hosting is InterServer hosting service. You only need to pay $0.01 for the first month. And then, you need to pay $5 for the next month. 

It is indeed cheap. However, it has quite satisfying service and performance. It is even much better than other shared hosting services. The best feature is unlimited storage, email addresses, and data transfer.

It doesn’t have an annual contract, so you can stop anytime you want without paying too much. Plus, it offers 99.9% uptime. In short, this is the best-shared hosting service you can get without spending too much budget.

VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS WordPress Hosting

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) WordPress hosting is a good choice for you who are going to start an online business. It uses a similar server system like the shared hosting.

However, you have a private virtual area where you can develop your website, install a new system in that, and many more.

Therefore, it has a better performance than shared hosting. That is also a perfect service for startup and new online business. It can provide good performance and experience when many customers visiting your website.

So, which is VPS hosting for WordPress that has the cheapest price? The answer is SiteGround hosting. The cost to get their VPS hosting service is only $3.95 per month. Moreover, this hosting service also gives you a lot of great features and amazing performance.

For example, you get unlimited bandwidth feature. Moreover, their customer support is ready 24/7. You won’t find this kind of support at this price. Then, it also has a free site migration offer. You also get free SSL.

In short, this hosting service doesn’t only offer a cheap price for its VPS plan. It also gives you many freebies. If you just start a business and has a limited fund to spend, this hosting service is a good choice for you.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Compared to the other two, dedicated hosting is much expensive. It’s reasonable. You will get one server only. And, you use it without sharing it with other users, physically or virtually.

Therefore, the maintenance, as well as the service, will cost you more than the shared and VPS hosting for WordPress. However, among many expensive dedicated hosting for WordPress, you can still find one that offers the cheapest price.  

Liquid Web is the hosting provider with the cheapest dedicated server hosting plan. You only need to pay $67.58 per month to use this service, which increases to $109 per month after you renew it.

However, you get the best features and performance of this company. One of the best features is the 100% uptime guarantee. This means you don’t need to worry if your online store has many customers. Your website will run smoothly. Your visitor also enjoys their visit to your website. 

Bluehost is another cheap hosting service for WordPress. Their service is only $79.99 per month. They also give you a 99.98% uptime guarantee.

However, they only have one server location, which is in Utah, the U.S.

Therefore, if you run your website from other areas outside the U.S. the performance will be slowing down.

Meanwhile, Liquid Web has two main servers, which is Europe and in the U.S. Considering this matter, we recommend the Liquid Web as the best choice for cheap dedicated server hosting for WordPress.

Those three are the best and cheap WordPress hosting. They also have all the features you need to run your website smoothly. As you can see, cheap hosting doesn’t mean it can’t give you the best performance, isn’t it? 


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