Are you the beginner in vaping? If you trying it for the first time then you might get confuse how to choose the right vape kit. It’s obvious to get confused as choices are unlimited but to really enjoy the vaping one should pick the right vape kit. How to choose the right kit? Do you have any idea? Well since you are a beginner it would be quite difficult and confusing to decide about the kit. However, few factors will help you in choosing the right kit.  A complete guide is featured on where you will get the expert’s advice for finding the ideal vape starter kit.

Popular options such as mods, vape pens and dry herb vaporizers are the choice of people. On vape supply you will get information about these vape kits where you can read its description, pros and cons. you can also compare the price and decide which is better. However, you will be able to do it when you know what factors affect their selection. So, let’s begin with our guide.

What does the basic kit contains?

The most basic or starter kits are not very expensive and thus are good options for beginners. It will contain following items:

  • a standard 650mAh power battery
  • a clearomizer
  • USB charging lead

Very few kits come with liquid which is used in the clearomizers but most of the kits do not have liquid and thus you have to buy it separately. If you don’t want to spend extra money then you can choose dry herb vaporizer where you will not need a liquid. This liquid is called as e-juice which comes with different flavors which allows smokers to experience the ultimate joy of vaping by trying different flavors of e-liquid or juice.

How to choose the best vape kits?

  • Rate of smoking– First thing to consider is the frequency of smoking that is how often you smoke.
  • Battery life– If you smoke very frequent then your kit should have good battery which is also a parameter to consider the right kit. The kit featured on has good battery life for example the battery life of kandypens slim last for 180 days. Some vape pens also come with charger which extends their battery life. So, carefully decide about this factor.
  • Starting– some vape pens take long time to start while others take less time.
  • Accessories- vape kits come with accessories like car or wall chargers and some even comes with carrying case. These additional accessories are designed to maintain the good health of vape pens thus they are necessary. However, this causes an increase in their price so while making decision, be sure about the price range.

These are the basic factors that will let you purchase the right kit for enhancing your vaping experience. Kits featured on are for both beginners and experienced and all kits include items which comes in basic kits but with advanced feature.

Many affordable and advanced vape pens and mods are featured on Visit the site now and choose your favorite vape kit.


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