If you have a commercial establishment, a restaurant, or a store that has restrooms for customers, then you know that it is better to dry hands with a hand dryer than toilet paper. It makes perfect sense that people want their hands not just to be clean but dry as well once they get out of the washroom. It also lessens the use of paper towels.

Toilet papers are wasteful. It has its function, but they are not cost-effective and that they are bad for the environment. Maybe this is the perfect time to invest in something automatic like that of the excel hand dryer. You can surely save more money in the long run than continuing to spend on toilet papers, which cost more than what it does. 

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing a hand dryer for your restroom. Here are some of the many pointers to keep in mind for your hand dryer purchase.

Watch Out for The Price Tag

Investing in commercial hand dryers include different things. Depending on the type of hand dryer model you will choose, the value can range from about $100 to over $1,000. Of course, the cheap ones are the most basic models. They still do the job, but they will not offer anything special. If you want something that does more of the job, go with a high-powered automatic hand dryer with an infrared sensor. It looks better, it is energy-efficient, and most importantly, it dries hands faster.

If you own a high-end commercial establishment, then investing in more expensive hand dryer models may be worth the cost. You can still purchase reasonably priced models depending on your budget, but do not expect more. Please keep in mind that paying more for energy-efficient models will often save you more energy costs in the long run.

It Should Dry for Seconds

When we talk about the quality and practicality of a hand dryer, speed should be considered an essential element. No one is willing to spend their time longer in a commercial establishment bathroom to dry their hands. Mid-range priced models, which cost around $250 to $600, still offer the assurance of quick drying. You may not notice the difference between 10 seconds and 45 seconds of drying, but saving time in the bathroom has its advantages.

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Check the Power Efficiency

Power is one of the important factors to consider next to speed when purchasing a hand dryer. Hand dryers with higher power mean faster drying time, but the disadvantage is that it is loud. No one would mind about the 10 seconds sound versus the 45 seconds quieter models. An automatic hand dryer with more power does not necessarily mean more energy use, but it is the other way around. The truth of the matter is if it dries your hands faster, the more energy-efficient the device is.

There are many different types, models, and features to consider and choose from, but go with the trusted and reputed brands like that of an excel hand dryer. There are also trendy high-speed hand dryers being offered for an affordable price. Remember that it may be costly at the end of the day but never jeopardize the speed and power of a hand dryer, which matters the most.

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