As a nation we love our flowers; for our homes, gardens, balconies, that special person. Wherever we choose to present them, picking the right arrangement is a decision not taken lightly. When it comes to flower sending it’s most certainly the thought that counts, but how does budget influence our flower color choices and does this communicate more about our personality than we may think?

UK flower senders 

UK flower senders

A new study by Serenata Flowers revealed that overall, low spend flower senders in the UK tend to opt for a simple mixture of colours, but these tend to be the more brighter and bold of the bunch, whereas high spenders tend to opt for a more varied bouquet featuring a wide array of colours and these tend to be on the more neutral end of the spectrum.

Brighter bouquets 

In the south, low spenders in London tend to pick out brighter bouquet colours. The top choice for both males and females is yellow, a colour which has been long associated with moneylenders and finance throughout history and represents feelings of pride and happiness. This is closely followed by the royalist of colours – purple, a striking colour which symbolizes dignity and success.

London flower senders

Whilst with flower senders based in the north of England, there is a distinct difference compared to London, the UK’s capital city. Yorkshire male high spenders are refined in their choices, opting for a bouquet with just two prominent colours. The first is white, associated with admiration which communicates to the receiver that the sender holds high regard. The second is red, this colour is the most passionate, full of love and affection. 

Birthdays flower senders

For that special day

Further findings revealed that our flower choices for Birthdays seem to reflect our feelings of prosperity and excitement with both spenders opting for positively bold colours, a mix of oranges and yellows. These colours communicate happiness, success and pride to the receiver, whilst low spenders add more purple to their bouquets, perhaps reaffirming their wishes of success and adoration to the receiver.

The language of flowers

The language of flowers, known as Floriography is a cryptological communication through the arrangement of flowers which dates back to the Victorian era and was used to share secret messages with friends and loved ones. Whether consciously or subconsciously, are we picking colours which link back to our personalities? 

As a nation of flower givers it seems we select flowers which represent more than the occasion of which we are buying for and this study has shown that many factors can attribute to our colour choices so when you’re next picking out a bouquet whether for yourself, a loved or a colleague why not try the new flower generator tool by Serenata Flowers to help you make the perfect match. 


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