Chris Rock describes Will Smith as Muhammad Ali

For the first time, nearly a year after he was slapped at the Oscars by international actor Will Smith , comedian Chris Rock spoke openly about the matter during a workshop for his first live show on Netflix in Charleston, South Carolina.

“The thing people wanted to know if it hurt, yeah, it hurt,” The Wall Street Journal quoted Chris Rock as saying.

The star added that Will Smith played his character in the movie “Ali”, which he presented in 2001, while he was more like his character in the movie New Jack City, in which he participated in the year 2001, as he described it by saying: “He played Muhammad Ali and I played Pooky.” According to The

US Sun The comedian continued, “Even in animated films, I play the ‘zebra’ character and he plays the shark.”

Chris Rock will appear live in Chris Rock: Selective Outrage on Netflix next Saturday, March 4, at the Hippodrome in Baltimore, just one week before the next Oscars, which will be held on March 12.

Chris Rock is proud of his bullying of Will Smith’s wife

Although Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock in a private video he posted on social media, the latter did not accept the apology, and revived the issue through his controversial statements.

During one of his comedy performances with Dave Chappelle, specifically on the opening night of their UK tour, the star talked about the slapping incident; For 30 years, he said, he thought Smith was a perfect man, but he wasn’t. Rather, he was ugly like the rest after he tore off his mask, as he described the apology video published by Will Smith in inappropriate words.

And when Dave asked him about the slap; It was painful.. Chris Rock said that he received that slap for the most beautiful joke he had ever told in his life. referring to his bullying of Will Smith’s wife’s shaven head.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

Will Smith, minutes before receiving the Best Actor award for King Richard, went on stage to slap the host, comedian Chris Rock, who had mocked his shaven-headed wife, Jada Pinkett, who attended the ceremony.

When Chris presented the Best Documentary Film award, he said: “We are waiting for you in the movie GI Jane 2,” referring to Demi Moore’s look in the film, in which she appeared with a shaved head, and the reaction of star Will Smith at the beginning was normal; Rather, he was laughing, but it took a few seconds until he saw his wife’s annoyance. Which prompted Will to go up to the stage and slap him hard, then return to his place and threaten him not to say his wife’s name again on his tongue.

In his speech regarding the altercation with Chris Rock while accepting Best Actor, Will Smith attempted to rationalize his behavior as an act of love. He proclaimed: “I also want to apologize to the Academy and my fellow nominees; after all, it’s true that love can drive us all a bit mad! What more could be said?”

The next day, Will Smith published a statement on his official Facebook account, stating: “Violence in all its forms is toxic and destructive, and my behavior at the Academy Awards last night was unfair.” Acceptable and unforgivable .. Jokes about my life are part of the job, but the jokes about “Jada’s” medical condition were more than I could bear, and her reaction was emotional.

Will Smith then uttered a heart-felt apology to Chris, admitting that he was wrong and felt shameful for his actions. He recognized that violence has no place in the realms of love and compassion. I wanted to demonstrate what kind of person I strive to be; regrettably my behavior did not reflect it this time around.

The star also offered an apology from the academy and the audience, in addition to everyone who watched the ceremony, and the Williams family, who presented part of its history in his movie King Richard, for which he won the first Oscar in his life for his role.

But that did not intercede for the star; He was excluded from attending the Oscars for 10 years, and Chris Rock never forgave him, and his new movie was affected by the incident and did not achieve the required revenues, despite the praise of critics.


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