Christmas is one of the most amazing times of the year with the joy spread everywhere and the Christmas spirit tickling the hearts of everyone alike. One thing that is indispensable for a perfect Christmas is the decoration of your house. We all want to decorate our home in a way that stands out and impresses the guests. Today, we are going to tell you how to make that happen with some really easy hacks.


The combination of one bold and expressive color with metal elements is an artistic and stylish solution. It’s no secret that colors set the mood, and when it comes to festive moments (especially in the cold season), something warm and invigorating is always a good choice. Even the metallic luster is getting warmer. The shade of aging, with its characteristic tones somewhere between red, orange and brown, is an unconventional, but warm and festive solution. Deep color may be suitable for nights. Dark blue, dark green, purple – will bring a certain invigorating hint to your night of celebrations. You can not replace a Christmas tree in Australia, no matter how many alternatives are there in the market.

Nothing speaks of true Christmas comforts like real wood and natural green – a trend that will never go out of style.


With letters, you can create a corner as special as this. Decorating with messages is fashionable! Make small floral centers using wide-mouth glasses instead of vases. You can use candles with lace to add to the beauty. You can add the detail of candles with lace on a fireplace. Give a delicate touch to your candles and glass objects with lace. Fix them with small pins, and you can reuse them after the holidays. Surround a tall candle with some mistletoe and fir leaves. Tie it with a string and put the center in a fountain to move it easily.


If you have more ornaments than you can hang on the tree, use them to give a bright touch to your gifts. Fix them with double-sided adhesive tape. Outline each mold on paper, cut them out and glue each silhouette to the mold. Make a hole to pass a string and hang it from the garland. Decorate the back of the chairs with a Christmas detail, like this heart of pineapples and acorns. Put the name of each guest on a label.

Vintage is an inevitable part of the Christmas holidays because it is a celebration of traditions and family. Therefore, most of us have a box with old Christmas decorations somewhere “in the attic.” Instead of spending a fortune on New Year’s decorations, add a little soul, use old decorative decorations with a fresh twist.

Rustic Christmas decorations, handmade crafts for the festive tree or table setting will add a familiar touch and continuity to the tradition. To make your home cozy and attractive for family and friends is the main goal.


With the name of your guests. Shape the cards with a punch of edges and decorate with ribbons and papers with some glitter. The waffles in a bonbonniere, the donuts in a pan.  Prepare a buffet for sweets with your best pieces and decorate it with some candles.


Make small bags with sackcloth to present the cutlery to the table. Sew on the front a star-shaped tree, tree. Do not you think it is a great idea to decorate your home this Christmas?


Crowns are another star element when decorating your home at Christmas. Make simple shapes with a wire: stars, hearts, circles. Cover them with flexible branches, such as willow or fir. Tie them a ribbon to hang them.


Use a card for the base and 24 paper bags, one for each day from December 1 to 24. Decorate them with lace and papers and put surprises inside.


At the coffee table, but also in a passage area, make a row of candles and lanterns to create paths of warm and enveloping light. If you have a chimney, this idea to decorate your house at Christmas is sure to enchant you. Let some green branches hang by the sides and the front of the fireplace. And decorate the mantelpiece with mistletoe and candle cups. Gather balls of other years and a few pineapples inside a glass bell. You will create a Christmas light spot on any table.

Plan Ahead for DIY

For things to go well and for you to enjoy them to the fullest, the best thing is that you start planning them as soon as possible. Perhaps it is not yet time to put the tree, but to choose their ornaments and the other details with which to fill the house with magic.

You can certainly do it all with your own hands. Here we show you how many DIY easy to make and that will add personality and originality to your holiday decorating. And there are even some that you can do with the little ones at home. Think about it! What better way to have them entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

You can take advantage of containers and objects that you already have at home, such as cookie molds, candles, papers, trays and glass containers. You have many things that can serve you, and with them, you can create a much more personal decoration.

Sweet details for your guests

The smell of sweet, cinnamon, freshly baked cookies. Christmas and its sweet touch are one of the things we like most about parties. Therefore, we recommend one last detail with which you will surprise all your family and loved ones. Also, it is another activity to do with children.

Making cookies and pastries as a family, we cannot think of a better plan for a cold December afternoon. Once baked and ready to drink, serve yourself a hot chocolate while you store them in gift boxes. Can you think of a more delicious detail?

These are some ideas to decorate at Christmas that we shared with you. Learn more about making your house stand out this Christmas. Do you dare with any of these Christmas crafts? Tell us!


Why wait until Christmas Eve to put your table at Christmas time? Not to mention creating a holiday decor worthy of great evenings, it is time to learn this household linen that you can only take out once a year. A pretty embroidered or printed tablecloth in Christmas colors will be perfect to create a festive and warm atmosphere and count the days until the 25th in a good mood. Dressing every corner of your house is not difficult or has to cost you a lot of money. You need a little time and a lot of inspiration. With these ideas to decorate your house at Christmas, this year you will surely succeed.


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