Whether you are shifting to a new place or transporting your temperature-sensitive goods or simply decluttering your home you might need climate control storage to protect your goods or household stuff from damage. Climate control storage or refrigerated containers can help you secure your goods that can get easily damaged even with a slight change in temperature especially when you are traveling for long hours or from one state or city to another. 

Here in this article, we have covered everything that will help you have a better understanding of these refrigerated containers Chicago IL

What is Climate Control Storage? 

Unlike traditional storage units, climate control storage facilities are a step above when compared to them. Control storage units not only offer protection but also control the temperature and humidity within the containers. They are designed in such a way that they allow you to set temperatures as per the needs and requirements of your goods. Irrespective of what climate conditions you are traveling to, these storage units ensure to maintain appropriate climate temperature inside the container. 

This way you can safeguard and prevent excessive moisture from taking place and damaging your perishable or temperature-sensitive goods.

How to Find Climate-Controlled Storage?

You can read reviews or do online research before purchasing climate-controlled storage for your business. You can also take referrals from your friends and family for reliable information. However, if you have budget constraints or need these control storage occasionally then you also consider taking refrigerated containers for hire. 

Hiring these climate control units can help you save a lot of time and money. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance and other related costs while transporting your goods. Most suppliers ensure to have a regular inspection of these containers in order to avoid safety-related issues and for you to have peace of mind while your goods are in transit. 

Items that Need Temperature Control Storage

Below is the list of items that you must consider storing in these refrigerated containers. 

1. Furniture 

Your leather and wooden furniture are likely to get damaged in extreme temperatures and fluctuating humidity. You might come across furniture-related issues such as mold and cracks taking place on the surface or underneath your furniture. 

2. Electronics 

Electronic items are extremely sensitive to temperature or humidity. They begin to rust in humid conditions that can lead to malfunction or failure of the whole system.

3. Artwork 

High humidity levels can turn your fine and expensive artwork into droopy work of art. It can further also cause warping, cracking, and rust taking place of your artwork. 

4. Musical instruments

Musical instruments are either made of wood or contain electronic components. As mentioned above wood and electronics can get damaged beyond repair if damped in harsh climates. 

5. Others 

Other items such as books, antiques, papers, and clothing and fabrics are too prone to get spoiled or damaged if not stored properly in a temperature-controlled environment.

It is always a wise decision to seek out as much information as possible before purchasing or hiring climate-controlled storage units. We hope with the above-mentioned factors you now have a better understanding of these storage units. 


All of your belongings can benefit from climate control in those Climate Controlled Storage. Some items like clothes and furniture, especially get more benefits as storage prevents mold and mildew from growing. The ideal temperature in those units lies between 55 to 80 degrees. And this is the perfect temperature to protect your most valuable possessions from extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

But the main issue is the cost. Climate-controlled units cost more than the standard storage units. But the extra cost is worthwhile in the long run. Initially, it would cost you, but the outcome will prevent the expenses that would have cost you later in fixing the damaged valuable things due to extreme climate. 

Usually, people are not aware of the things that they could place in climate-controlled storage:

  • Wooden and leather furniture
  • Clothing
  • Photos
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Instruments
  • Stamps
  • Household appliances
  • Antiques

Whether you are decluttering, renovating or moving your home. You might want a climate-controlled unit. In the process of moving your home, you can also move your stuff where you live or work. There can be some different use of a climate-controlled unit. Other than keeping the stuff safer than climate. We do not talk about these uses. We tried to put some lights on those things, what we should start thinking about 

  • You can store the delicate things which could get easily damaged.
  • If you got moved from a different climate to a completely different climate zone. Then you need long-term storage.
  • If you live somewhere with extreme temperatures.
  • If your belongings are very expensive.
  • When you want to make sure your belongings never get too hot, cold, or wet.
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