In the fashion frontline, women are spoilt for choice when it comes to dresses. While there are designer dresses, on one hand, the latest necklines make a style statement too. Thanks to extraordinary fashion designers for providing such endless options to women.

Amongst the dresses that are making headlines, cocktail dresses are the ultimate choice.

What is a Cocktail Dress?

A dress that fits snugly, has an appealing neckline and is anything but skimpy, and is apt for a casual to a semi-formal occasion. Anything between that classic LDB to the A-line strapless and embellished design, or long sleeves or lacey mini dress – the safest bets of all times.

However, before you fit into one of these dresses, go deeper into the dos and don’ts of wearing this flattery outfit.

Cocktail Dress – Do’s and Don’ts

#1: Don’t Choose Skimpy Dresses & Do Consider the Hemline

A cocktail evening is not the same as a friends’ evening or night out. So, avoid wearing a transparent, skimpy, or sleazy dress to seek unnecessary attention.  Would you truly appreciate it if someone else wore that dress at the party? You know the answer by now.

Watch the neckline; do not let it plunge into oblivion. Moreover, do not even attempt to pull that Kardashian stunt with see-through fabric.

Princess cut, A-line dresses, or anything with an added flowing hemline reaching beyond the arm’s stretch is good. The LBD is one of the evergreen choices that never goes out of style. Sweetheart necklines to strapless dresses, long sleeves to spaghetti straps, you can do a lot.

#2: Do Not Wear a Huge Gown & Do Wear Midi Dresses

Ball gowns are only for once-in-a-lifetime Cinderella moments, not for cocktail parties. Fashionistas suggest that ladies should stay away from those huge gowns trailing out. As they are experts, stick to this thumb rule.

Midi dresses, on the other hand, are perfect for cocktail parties if you do not prefer shorter dresses. Unlimited options are available here.

#3: Do Not Wear a Jeans to Cocktail Parties & Do Wear Nice Trousers

While jeans are everyday comfort wear, it is not the right choice for cocktail parties. So, do not take that leeway to club them for such an occasion. Since jeans are not formal clothing, it is not even an option.

Rather, you can try trousers or pantsuits for a chic look. Wear trousers with a chiffon or silk blouse, or simply wear pantsuits. Accessorize with a nice pearl neckpiece, pump shoes, and minimal makeup. Simple, right!

#4: Do Not Carry a Large Handbag & Do Carry a Clutch

Women often feel the urge to carry their mini-convenience van with them for all those “just-in-case” moments. Hence, they rely on oversized handbags. Avoid it. Not for a party, please!

A clutch would be suitable for parties and evenings out with friends. If you “have to” carry a handbag, choose to leave it in the car and just carry your bare essentials in the clutch. It is a style statement.

#5: Do Not Wear a Crumples or Shoddy Dress & Do Consider Steaming or Dry Cleaning the Attire

This does without any saying. However, if at all you want to wear a pantsuit, jumpsuit, or fancy trousers, ensure it is ironed out properly and there is no crumpling.

If you do not like pressing, or you don’t believe you are good at it, just send it to a dry cleaner for steam ironing.  Prepare yourself well in advance for the party without any excuses.

#6: Do Not Show Your Undergarments & Do Strapless or Quality Stick On

Keep your undergarments farther away. It is a non-negotiable rule, unsaid and unspoken. Undergarments are called so for obvious reasons. If you believe that a peeking strap of the bra makes you sexy at the cocktail party, you are grossly wrong.

If the dress has a tricky or plunging neckline, stick-on or strapless bras are the safest bet. If you wear shapewear, make sure it aligns with your dress and its shape without sticking out.


It is not just about the dress or the choice of dress, but an entire package. So, whenever you are invited to a party, make sure you do it right effortlessly and easily.

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