The obsession many professors have with college homework is baffling. But then, it’s the way of life for every college student.  Some homework can be frustrating and challenging. But it is possible for students to finish on time and also finish strong. You are about to figure out techniques that will help you deliver your homework on time. But then, if you want to do your homework like a boss and have an impressive grade, you need to discipline yourself. Read to find out how you can finish your homework in no time and still impress your professor.

1. Create a homework plan and execute it

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I am going to spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.” An individual that plans to succeed may likely succeed. But the one that fails to prepare has ignorantly made plans to fail. These quotes look inspiring, but they are nothing but reality. So if you have a load of homework to do, start with a great plan. With that, you can accomplish much.

Note down all the assignments you were given on a sheet of paper. Next step you need to take is to devote at least 5 – 10 minutes to read the task. When you spend the time to go through the assignment, you will discover the areas that are not very clear and ask relevant questions before leaving the school premises. The teachers would still be available to answer your questions, and this will help you save time you could have spent trying to understand the requirements when you are already home.

You can also start some of your homework while you are still in school. Use the little breaks you have in between classes and suppress the urge to have fun. You will find this technique useful when dealing with numerous assignments on a short deadline. Management apps like Evernote also come in handy in this kind of scenario. It will help you organize all your homework and make it much easier for you to prioritize.

2. Prioritize your assignment

There are three significant areas to take into consideration when prioritizing assignments. The first is the difficulty; the second is the urgency, and the third reason is the credit involved. Now let’s look at each of the reasons mentioned. Your assignments may likely differ in terms of difficult. In other words, some will be more challenging than the others.

 When prioritizing your homework, you need to concentrate on the difficult ones first and get them out of the way while you still have more energy and motivation. If you don’t, you might end up exhausting all your energy before you get to the difficult ones. Another reason that should make you work on an assignment first is the urgency.

If the deadline is very close, you should try to work on the task first to reduce the pressure on you. The last reason for you to prioritize your homework is the credit load for the said course. When you discover that homework has more marks, do everything possible to attempt it first.

3. Pick a serene environment to work

Your working space and condition can impact your speed. Plus the distractions around you can make it difficult for you to make progress.  Whenever you decide to sit in front of your TV, there is a high chance that you may end up spending more time watching programs than working on your assignment. So find a place that is quiet and well ventilated. You can choose to remain in your room or move to a calm place in your house that people rarely visit.

The point is you need to avoid any form of distraction when working on your homework. Otherwise, you may find yourself repeating some sections over and over again. It is also advisable to gather all the essential supplies including writing material you require because standing up every minute will break your flow and create confusion.

Another effective way to avoid distraction and increase you focus on a task even while using the internet is to install apps that can block you from accessing social media and any other app on your device. Stay Focused is one of the useful apps you can try. You can set the number of hours you want each app on your device to stay locked.

4. Build a social media group

The first thought that comes into many people’s mind whenever the word “social media” is being mentioned is a distraction. Social media can be a bit addictive too, and it takes discipline to break out of such addictions. But the point is social media can benefit you in many ways. It can help you work on your assignment even faster.

To get the best out of social media, create a Facebook group and add your classmates in the group. You can post questions on areas you are experiencing difficulty and get help from other students that understand the subject or assignment better.


Assignments are daunting tasks but are an essential part of your study. So as a college student, you need to adapt to the situation and take your assignments more serious. And if you are having problems finishing up your homework faster, the tips on this post should help you tackle them. You will also finish strong and impress your teacher when you deploy the above homework technique. But if you cannot cope, then find a write my papers for cheap professional to help you out.

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