More often than not, you will come across stories of individuals receiving compensation for injuries sustained after an accident. As you know, most of the injuries caused by accidents can be severe. It means, therefore, that they can mess with your usual routine, as well as finances. As long as the accident resulted from someone else’s fault, it’s fair for the other person involved to take care of those bills that may arise from the incident. Car accidents, especially, are the leading cause of personal injury lawsuits. Unfortunately, most people are not sure of other types of personal injury cases. 

Without saying much, here is a list of other personal injury cases that you ought to familiarize yourself with. 

1. Dog bites

Dog bites

Today, owning a dog has become like a basic need. Every home owns one or two. Dogs are friendly. Their playful character makes them a perfect companion. Often, health experts recommend having a dog, especially if you happen to live alone, or you have a mental disorder. However, you can’t ignore the fact that they are animals. They tend to be unfriendly to strangers. On many occasions, individuals have reported being on the receiving end of a dog bite. 

With the growing number of dogs at homes, thousands of Americans have reported being victims of a dog bite. Dog bites are risky. If not treated on time, a bite can even cause death. If you are bitten by a dog while strolling in your neighborhood, you might consider talking to your lawyer and file a dog bite lawsuit. The owner of the dog should take responsibility and cater for the medical expenses that will accrue while seeking treatment. 

2. Slip and falls

Say, for example, you are out there shopping at the grocery store. The floor is slippery, and you suddenly slip and fall. The chances are that you will sustain a personal injury. The store should take responsibility and cater to the bills that accumulate while treating a broken hip, for example. The same case happens when you slip and fall while working on a construction site. It’s upon your employer to ensure that you are safe while working out there. The employer should invest in high-end gear to prevent cases of falls while in the line of duty. If the employer tends to ignore these safety precautions, you can file a lawsuit. 

3. Car accidents

According to car sales statistics, the number of vehicles being sold annually has continued to increase. Well, the increase is based on the fact that owning a car has become like a basic necessity in the modern world. The sad part is that the same essential assets have brought with its accidents. The fact that many vehicles are hitting the highways daily means more accidents. There will always be a careless or drunk driver out there.

If you are involved in an accident, and it was as a result of the other driver’s carelessness, you might consider filing a lawsuit. Regardless of the situation, dealing with personal injury cases from an accident can be overwhelming. Remember, there’s also an insurance company involved. It’s for this reason that attorneys from insist on working with a specialized lawyer. A perfect lawyer should be well placed to listen to your story and be well informed to explain to you the legal options available. The lawyer you choose should also be able to answer the questions about what to expect while helping you make a sober decision during the entire trial process. The idea here is to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for the injuries that you sustain. 

4. Medical malpractice

Your health is essential. It’s for this reason that you need to see your doctor now and then for a check-up or treatment. In the worst-case scenario, the doctor attending to you may administer the wrong drug leading to further complications. If you ever find yourself there, you may consider filing a legal suit against the doctor for medical malpractice. Dealing with a medical malpractice case is complicated, and it’s for this reason that you are needed to hire the help of a qualified legal team. Such situations require an in-depth assessment. The case may also take time, so you have to be patient. 

5. Wrongful death

Let’s say, for example, someone close to you dies of eating contaminated food from your favorite restaurant. The restaurant should take responsibility for the wrongful death and compensate for the parties involved. As long as the incident is a result of someone else’s carelessness, they should take responsibility. Such cases should also be filed when an individual succumbs after using faulty products or machinery. 

Personal injury cases are usually filed when someone else’s negligence or carelessness brings harm to them. There are different kinds of such cases. Unfortunately, most people are only familiar with the cases that result from accidents or slip and falls. By reading through this piece, you will understand that there are many other types of personal injury cases that you can follow up on for compensation.


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