A phishing attack is a common problem that all companies face in today’s digital era. When all companies, regardless of their scale, are trying to transform into the digitized form, there are a group of people and even institutions use this chance to launch a phishing attack. Therefore, every company tries to use a phishing protection solution  to prevent this attack. Unfortunately, many of them are still choosing the wrong way to do it because they believe the myth behind phishing attack prevention. So, to avoid it, you must understand what a phishing attack is, first.

About Phishing Attack

So, what is a phishing attack? A phishing attack is a structured and well-planned method to acquire information or data from the target, by masquerading the identity or appearance of the attacker with the well-known person/party/institution of the target. The most important element here is the masquerade elements or the effort to copy the target’s associated person or institution to gain the trust from the target. 

Once the attacker gain that trust, the target won’t realize that he/she provides information to the wrong recipient. The result is the information that was originally inaccessible by the other party outside the target’s organization, can be accessed. And, in today’s business world where information and data are important elements for the business, it could lead to disaster, loss and even bankruptcy. 

Moreover, it doesn’t only happen to a business or company. Personal information also can become a target of a phishing attack. If that happens, the attacker will have access to the target personal information, such as password, credit card numbers and many more. And, they can use this information for many things, from stealing the money to use it for the bigger crime. 

How can we prevent phishing attacks like that? First of all, you need to know several myths about the phishing attack that only mislead you or make you underestimate the attack, which brings many problems in the future. So, here we go.

The Attacker Only Take the Money

Many people believe that a phishing attack is only aiming for money. Therefore, they only notice the suspicious email that asks them for information related to the money, such as credit card number. so, they use minimal phishing prevention to deal with it, which in our opinion, that’s not enough.

There are many kinds of phishing attack’s target. Money isn’t the only target. the attacker can aim for detailed information about the company as the preparation for launching a bigger attack. For example, the attacker will ask about the team member that involved in the big project of that company. Once the attacker gets the information, they can use it as bait to get other information related to the project. 

With the information that seems to be known by the inner circle of that team, the request for more detail information can look more trustworthy. So, the target can easily give information to the attacker. And, who knows how they will use that information. They can sell it to the competitor and even disturb the project progress to give enough damage to the company that makes it lose a big amount of money.

Therefore, you need to educate yourself by finding more information about phishing attack, like using the Indiana university phishingpage where you can find all kinds of information about this problem. Take a course or training program, plus get used yourself with the attack patter is also necessary. So, even if it’s not about money, you can still notice the weirdness in the email you just received and prevent the attack.

Phishing Attack is Easy to Detect

Some people think that by using an anti-phishing tool, that’s enough to prevent phishing and make their email free from the attack. That’s wrong. The software is indeed useful. However, today’s phisher, that’s how we call the phishing attacker, is also well-known about technology. They have a method to create a very trustable link and email that can’t be easily tracked by the software. 

So, to prevent phishing, you also need to train yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge and skill. This is the only solution to ward off all kinds of phishing attack that came into your inbox. And, that’s how to prevent phishing attacks.

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