Pests have bothered almost every homeowner living on this planet, and each one of us wishes to bid these unwanted guests goodbye as soon as possible. But, these creatures are incredibly sneaky, and you can get rid of them by following various tips or by hiring professionals like rove pest control.

But, they should not enter your home in the first place; therefore, we have listed here five most common reasons why pests enter your home so that you can address them to ensure a wholesome elimination.

1. Presence of leaning shrubs near your home:

You are highly likely to be visited by various types of uninvited guests if you have shrubs or branches touching the walls or roof of your home. Pests like ants and rodents use these branches as highways to barge onto the roof of your home.

Moreover, the presence of leaning shrubs against the walls also results in the accumulation of moisture on the sides. This accumulation triggers the rotting process and sends an open invitation to a range of pests. Therefore, make sure that such shrubs or branches are at least three feet away from the structure of your home so that the pests infestation can be avoided.

2. Presence of soil or mulch near your home:

If there is soil or mulch near the sides of your home, it will aggravate the rotting process such that cracks start to appear in the walls and crawl spaces begin to develop. Moreover, the soil invites carpenter ants and termites to the rotting surfaces, and as a result, they end up sneaking through the cracks.

3. Presence of gaps near the crawl space:

If you have gaps near the crawl space, pests like rodents can prove to be extremely dangerous because they sneak through such narrow spaces and end up damaging the wiring, vapor plastic barrier, and other valuables with their gnawing tendencies.

But, you are not going to notice the trespassing of any of these pests until they enter your living room. Therefore, you will have to keep looking for such gaps and install a crawl space door with an end to end seal so that no such creature can sneak through.

4. Presence of plugged gutters:

Having the gutter plugged with debris, and other stuff exacerbates the rotting process of walls and invites a various variety of pests. Moreover, stagnant water due to gutter blockage can prove to be an ideal habitat for mosquitoes. Therefore, keep checking the status of your gutter and schedule regular cleaning days so that it does not choke.

5. Presence of disconnected downspouts:

Downspouts are crucial to the integrity of your home because they direct the water from the roof to the ground so that excessive moisture does not stay on the roof. But, if you have disconnected downspouts, water is going to remain on the roof, and the humidity will leach into the structure. As a result, the roof of your home will start to rot and invite various breeds of pests which must be avoided by all means.   

To summarize, it is often said that prevention is better than cure; therefore, make the most of this knowledge by addressing the loopholes that attract pests so that your family does not have to suffer the wrath of these sneaky creatures.

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