Dubai has some of the best highways in the world. Sleek metalled roads snake through the city and hundreds of cars rush on them as if the drivers have only one day to live. Most people prefer driving rent a car here as the prices are very cheap.

Yes, potholes are no where to be found, but that doesn’t mean that the highways and roads in Dubai do not see accidents.

No matter what the cause, we wouldn’t want you to meet an accident and that’s particularly why we’re writing this article.

Read on to know what common road hazards are notorious to cause road accidents in Dubai.

1. Glare

Glare is the reflection of light from a surface. The reflected rays seem to pierce your eyes. In Dubai, the sun is always on a vendetta, so you should be wary of direct sunrays hitting your eyes.

Also, when driving at night, the glare of the headlights of car could also prove hazardous and you could meet an accident.

How to save yourself from glare?

  • Make sure your eyesight is 6/6.
  • Refrain from driving at night, mid afternoon, or early morning. Drive in between these periods.
  • If you have to drive at the said periods, then opt for the slow lane.
  • Use polarized or anti-glare glasses.
  • Take a route where the sun falls either to your the right or the left.

2. Uncanny drivers

Dubai teems with rich people and their shenanigans. You could see the son of a rich person literally driving a car on two wheels. Of course, that’s not widespread or common, but you still need to keep drivers like those in mind when driving.

You see, there’s a spectrum of reckless driving and you need to be aware of all of it.

You might see some drivers exiting and entering highways carelessly or you might encounter someone changing lanes like he was alone on the road.

How to stay safe?

  • Always keep vigilant and look for usual driving.
  • Use mirrors to identify reckless cars behind you.
  • Keep a safe distance from other cars.
  • Slow down and possibly change your lane if you see an overspeeding car.

3. Traffic lights giving away

The Dubai traffic police is always vigilant and deployed when traffic lights malfunction somewhere. However, if you are the first one to reach the site or the lights break down right when you reach, do not worry or take hasty decisions. Instead, wait for the police to arrive and follow what they say.


4. Cyclists or motocyclists

The number of premium or luxury motorbikes and every day cycles are increasing in Dubai. There’s a constant hazard posed by them. Therefore, always look out for them. Once you see them approaching, slow down and let them pass.

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