Our skin has to ensure a lifetime of wear and tear and while it does replenish itself, your skin takes a beating from the harsh Australian climate and by using skincare products that only contain natural ingredients, you can offer your skin the protection it needs.

Here are some common skin conditions, along with causes and potential treatments.

  • Acne – This can affect anyone at any time, although it primarily is an issue with teenagers who are going through puberty. If you have oily skin, you are more likely to suffer from acne and this can be caused by a number of reasons. As mentioned, oily skin can cause acne, while hormone levels changing is a major cause of skin complaints like acne. You need to consult with a dermatologist who can prescribe a special skin cream and as each person is unique, the ideal treatment might not be the same for everyone.
  • Eczema – Known as atopic dermatitis, this condition is commonly found with children and while we are not sure of the causes, we think it might be genetics, the environment and the immune system. This is often accompanied by a strong urge to itch the affected area and topical steroids are often prescribed to treat eczema, while there are medications that can be injected, which is only for severe cases. Click here for information about krathom as an alternative medicine.
  • Sunburn – This is very painful and is common when a person with fair skin flies to a tropical climate, exposing their skin to very strong sunlight. Aloe Vera is a great natural element that reduces the effects of sunburn and you are advised to protect your skin with a high factor sunscreen and keeping out of the sun.
  • Cold Sore – We are all at risk of getting this painful skin condition, which normally occurs on the lips and the affected area will usually tingle before the sore appears. It often begins with a wipe of the towel and it might be accompanied with mild flu like symptoms, while the best treatment is a prescription ointment to be applied several times daily.
  • Wrinkles – While not really a skin condition as such, lines and wrinkles come with age, as the skin stretches and with anti aging treatment from the online dermatologist, you can look years younger.
  • Hives – This is a rash that is caused by an allergen, which is painful to the touch and if you notice such a rash, contact the online dermatologist who can prepare a prescription treatment to clear up the condition.
  • Melasma – This is a darkened skin pigmentation that is often found with pregnant women, which is due to hormone imbalance and the condition clears up post pregnancy. However, there are other causes of melasma, we believe it has a genetic disposition and can be triggered by exposure to UV sunlight. The dark skin patches are often in a symmetrical pattern and are found on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and often the neck area. The best treatment is to make contact with an online dermatologist, who will have a video call with you to gather data, then the skincare professional will prepare a special prescription treatment.
  • Rosacea – This is a chronic skin condition that comes and goes, while the causes are said to be stress, sunlight, alcohol and spicy foods. This is usually a skin issue found on the face and neck and should you suspect that you are suffering from rosacea, search online for a dermatologist who can treat you with a prescription topical application.

There are many skin conditions and if we always use skin cleaner and protect against the sun, we can minimise the risk of contracting a skin condition. Click here for government information about UV radiation, which we should all read. Make sure you protect your skin against the harmful effects of sunlight and cleanse and nourish always.

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