There are numerous giant companies around the world who have developed their own employee web platforms to create a better workplace. They can get in touch with other contractors and learn about educational opportunities. Furthermore, companies around the world use different platforms for their employees to boost socializing, productivity, enhance monitoring their tasks and time management.

Employee advocacy is extremely important nowadays and it helps increase brand awareness across social media. For customers, employees are more important than the company’s spokesperson, the CEO or marketing department. Therefore, keep in mind the fact that your employees should be treated accordingly, as they are like a reflection of the company’s mission and vision.

1. Disney

One of the most known companies in the world is Walt Disney who created “The Disney Hub Platform” that is specially dedicated to their employees around the world. On this platform, employees can find information about training courses and Walt Disney’s college program. Furthermore, they are able to learn about procedures and standards while also finding out the latest news about the company they are working for. The Disney Hub Employee login page displays all the details needed to inform Walt Disney’s staff.

2. Kelly Services

In case you are looking for a job and your LinkedIn profile is not complete, the chances to find one are small. Employee advocacy is important, especially for the recruiting industry. That is why Kelly Services is one of the best in this industry. They hired the Altimeter Group to help them develop a better marketing strategy to attract new talent. This group has recommended this staffing agency to enable employee advocacy. The company reached to be famous and prosperous by using social media tools to promote them and their employees.

3. Coupa

This tech company has accepted the idea that all their employees have social media access while at work. Coupa’s corporate culture relies on social media promotion. If the social media or marketing department instructs employees to promote their company on social media, the company would have an increasing success. More and more people are interested in the services they are offering, being eager to collaborate. Their employee platform has helped to improve their marketing strategy since everyone started contributing to its promotion.

4. Electronic Arts

One of the greatest video game is focused on placing the player on the first place while employees give their best to harmoniously work as a team. To boost the culture of the company, in 2014 they have launched the employee advocacy program known as “EA Insiders”. Thanks to this platform, employees around the world felt more connected, and developed better communication skills. To trigger some friendly competitions, the company prepared some contests and leaderboards. Now, every month, the EA Insiders program produces thousands of social shares.

5. Genesys

This tech giant was one of the first companies who brought employee advocacy into the sales department. The company showed everyone how to do social selling and how to motivate employees to promote their company and contribute to its evolution. Besides the fact that they have developed an employee platform for their sales department, Genesys also wanted to understand how social media promotion helps them evolve. Their success served as a lesson for other companies which have also adopted employee advocacy later on.

To continuously grow as a company, it is not enough to tell your employees to only share the content of the company. You need to build employee advocacy by developing an employee platform that could facilitate both your employees’ and the company’s development. Even if you’re at the beginning of the road and it may seem hard, especially when talking about designing an effective marketing strategy, in order to become successful, you have to work hard and make your employees love their job. Motivate them and learn how to communicate efficiently. The behavior of the employees in the workplace influences the fate of your business.