At first, building a mall may seem like a difficult process, and it keeps many entrepreneurs and investors away from the industry. And if we say this is not a big challenge, with low risk and lots of room to grow, are you interested?

Thinking about this, we will answer in this post the main questions about this process between planning, implementation and operation. After all, it is time to overcome those who are hesitant to enter such a profitable market and have their own business. Look at that!

Strategic planning to build a mall

Planning is the key to implementing any business in any field. In general, when entrepreneurs talk about the difficulties of building and maintaining establishments such as malls, the lack of strategy is seen from the start. However, in order not to fall into the same mistakes, one must think, predict, learn. Here are the most common questions about this step in building a shopping center.

Who decided to build a shopping center?

The first and also clearest question among entrepreneurs is whether only large investment groups or builders can enter this market. It is true that in the last two decades the industry has been embraced by international investors and large groups, but it is still possible to do it yourself. The important thing is to have a clear vision of the business goals and know how to find these partners to make your business worthy. When well planned, personal or family initiatives can immediately become large publicly traded companies.

What is needed to develop strategic planning?

To start building the mall, some information is very important and must be detailed in the business plan. In addition, it is necessary to study and understand the area in which the business will be based, with a complete view of the location and target audience. In general, the estimated reach of the Mall is divided by primary, secondary and tertiary zones in a radius around the building. In this scenario, the business plan must show population profiles, purchasing power, age groups, competitors, income per capita and all types of data that contribute to finding business decisions that best suit your future clients. It’s also time to decide how to manage the mall. Do you have an outsourcing administrator? Do you have partners to increase your funding? Do you have a partner company in management? All of this must be determined before you start building.

How do you determine the mix of your store?

This item is very important in determining which store will be your tenant’s mix. This decision will come from the balance between the tastes of the target audience and the disposition of architectural projects. First, you have to go to a large mall retailer – the famous anchor shop. They are bigger and better known brands, such as supermarkets and large chains that attract a larger audience and generate circulation in their aisles. With a fixed anchor, someone then departs to look for a satellite shop – most of them fill the aisles. The most important thing for the success of your business is to have a varied and complementary mix that suits the tastes of the people. Achieving this balance and well-managed management make it very difficult for malls to experience difficulties.

Construction planning and implementation

With a business plan in place and a mix of shops on the spot, it’s time to move on to actual construction. There are not many secrets here, because most of the obligations are borne by the construction company. However, it is worth mentioning a few general questions about this problem.

How does architectural design affect shopping success?

Besides being compulsory, architectural design is always important in any building, however small. However, when we talk about shopping centers, this relationship is very important, because this is when issues such as: circulation of people, placement of anchors and satellites, optimization of space, urbanism and gardening, sustainability and reuse of resources will be decided. Learning what is right and wrong in other efforts like that is a good start, and hiring a skilled architect as well. That’s because a poorly formulated project can curse your mall before it’s even finished.

What infrastructure obligations must be followed when building a mall?

There are building laws and regulations that differ from city to city, including even the selection of glass revolving doors, but you don’t need to know. The important thing is to have a reliable builder and demand a good job.

Hopefully this information can give you an outline of thoughts about how a shopping center should be established


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