Dealing with uneven floors is basically a part of the trade if you are installing flooring. We understand dealing with uneven floors can be hectic but with the right knowledge about the treatment, it will be a piece of cake.

We are here to provide you with the top 5 concrete treatments that will make your floor look beautiful in no time.

Top 5 Concrete coatings that will make your floors beautiful: –

1. Epoxy Floor Coatings:

Epoxy floor coatings is one of the best concrete treatments to make your floors look beautiful. Epoxy offer coatings that can withstand moisture, vapor, chemicals or heavy traffic.

One of the main reasons why you should consider using epoxy floors for the next project is because they are resistant to oil, gasoline, and other chemicals. Epoxy floors are also safe to install as they are slip-resistant. There are tons of colors and textures available that you can choose from, and they are extremely cost-effective to pre-engineered flooring. You can opt for Concrete Epoxy 101, which provides professional concrete epoxy flooring solutions in Toronto, Ontario. 

2. BASF:

BASF provides chemicals, plastics, crop protection products, gas, and oil. This company is not just into floor coatings, they serve many different industries such as paper, automotive, furniture, etc. They offer Master Builders Solutions, which is a global brand of an advance chemical-based solution to flooring. They offer many concrete protection products such as MasterEmaco, MasterProtect, MasterBrace, and MasterInject.

3. PS101 Siliconate:

PS101 Siliconate is one of the best penetrating sealers out there. It seeps deep into the floor and fills all the pores in concrete which prevents any kind of corrosive substance from penetrating. The PS101 Siliconate has zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which prevents chemicals and moisture from accumulating inside the concrete.

It also prevents concrete to lose its strength when the weather to too cold. A 5-gallon bottle is enough for a few coatings. You can use this on floors, walls, desks, mantels, and furniture as well. The fact that it does not become yellow, lose color over time, and UV safe in nature is one of the things that makes it more unique.

4. Siloxa-Tek 8500 Ultra Concrete Sealer:

The Siloxa-Tek is a premium quality sealer which is manufactured by Ghostsheild. It is basically considered as an industrial grade product. It uses siloxane or silane to fill up the pores on floors and penetrates concretes which lasts forever. It also prevents moisture or salts from gathering up so the floors stay clean and smooth.

1 gallon of this sealer is enough to fill a 200 square ft room. And Since one gallon is much cheaper than 5 gallons, you will have no problem buying multiple bottles. The fact that Siolax prevents salts and chloride from accumulating inside the concrete is what gives the floor a brand new feel.

5. ToughCrete Concrete Sealer:

The ToughCrete Concrete Sealer is both user-friendly and durable. We recommend this product because it is easy to use and cost-effective. 1 gallon of the product will cover up to 600 square ft. making it cost-effective in nature.

The product is also estimated to last over 10 years. So, if you want to impress your neighbors with perfectly polished concrete floors that lasts for a decade then this is the one to go.


So there you go, these are the top 5 Concrete treatments that we recommend which will keep your floors beautiful. Maintaining floors for a long period of time is not an easy task but you will surely find a product on this list which will serve your purpose. If you have ever used any of these products before, then feel free to share your opinions below. Good luck!


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