There is no time for you to get troubled with the house lock and keys. This is the one thing which is very common for all the house owners. But each one of us has our own perceptions of dealing with this problem. There are loads of times when we often get confused between changing and replacing the locking system. In such situations, only a locksmith in Charleston can help you to get rid of this huge confusion. But before that, we will tell you the difference between when and why you need to get the locking system replaced or changed.

Lock-Key Change

Lock-Key Change

When considered, lock changing is a very simple and convenient task, as per the locksmith. The lock change is straight forward and quick. It barely includes the replacement of the existing lock with the new one.  There is no part or component of the exciting lock left in this procedure like the lock-key replacement. Rather all the elements of the locking system are new ones. The homeowner has a few issues to consider at his ends such as the brand, size, and color of the lock. The prices and cost of the locks can largely depend on what you prefer to use. It is very much obvious that the locksmith in Charleston will provide you with lots of options.  You can either pick one up yourself or ask the skilled locksmith for help. Your security is extremely important, so make sure that you choose the locking system carefully.

When to Consider Changing the Lock?

  • You can most probably consider changing the locks when an unknown person has got your spare keys. This can be observed with the help of repetitive break-ins.
  • If you want your door to have a new lock which is different in design and color.
  • Where the goal is to upgrade from conventional to e-security locks.
  • You want a unique design to your doors
  • Defects in the lock
  • You are keen on locks of a specific brand

Lock-Key Replacement

Lock-Key Replacement

The house key replacement is a task for you that are much more important than you think it to be. One needs to consider doing this when the original ones are lost or in bad condition. Until such conditions do not occur, you need not even think of getting the key replacement. It is because the replacement of the entire locking system can be a bit headache for you. Since, it involves a lot of repair and alterations in the system. But sometimes, it is better to consider the rekeying as an option suggested by the locksmith in Charleston. Rekeying neither compromises nor reinforces the integrity of the lock. The stability of the lock and safety potential remains unchanged even after the process of replacement.  The decision of choosing the rekeying instead of changing the locks because is cost-effective. Except for changing the lock which is an easy process, rekeying is, therefore, a bit challenging; hence you need the best professionals.

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When to Consider the Lock Replacement?

  • In case you lose your apartment keys
  • You wish to limit the access to your house
  • If you consider having a single key for all the doors of your home
  • You relocate to a new place and then wish to change the lock for comfort, especially when you are not at home.

These were some reasons which will give you an idea of which one to choose, whether lock replacement and changing. If you are looking for a locksmith in Charleston, then you surely can hire the 843 Locksmith for your job. 

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