A pod is one of the important accessories in a Nespresso. By using a pod, a coffee lover is able to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee anytime they want. This is because the pod helps the Nespresso machine to produce fresh coffee grounds. The problem is that the original pods for Nespresso are expensive and even it is not environment friendly. The best solution is to start using reusable pods for Nespresso. The information below explains to you why reusable pods are a better option.

More Environmentally Friendly

The original pods are made of plastic and aluminum. Just imagine how much waste is collected if you have to use a new pod in every use. Plastic waste is undegradable and unfriendly for the environment. Reusable pods are the best solution because they can be used again and again without reducing the quality of the coffee grounds. As the result, you can still enjoy a cup of fresh coffee at home anytime you want.

Made of High-Quality Material

Just because it is a reusable product it doesn’t mean that the pods are a bad option. Reusable pods are made of a high-quality material such as metal or stainless steel. Stainless steel is considered a durable material and it doesn’t change the flavor of the coffee grounds. You can use the pods over and over again for a long period of time along with constant performance. Enjoying a fresh coffee every day is not a big problem anymore.

Affordable Alternative

It is also a matter of the price in which original pods are more expensive than the reusable. By applying the reusable pods, you can save more money and you can use the money to buy the other accessories. Let say, you just need to spend around $38.99 to $99.50 per reusable pods package. Later, you can use it for a long time instead of using the plastic pods.

Easy to Find

Along with the popularity of making coffee at home, it is easy to find a variety of accessories to support the coffee machine including the pods. Nowadays, it is easy for you to find a variety of high-quality reusable pods for your favorite Nespresso. You can also buy the reusable pods from the reputable online stores.

Compatible Product

You don’t have to buy a variety of reusable pods for a different type of coffee machine. This is because the product is compatible with most of the coffee machines such as Pixie, Inissia, Citiz, Essenza, Latissma, and many other popular coffee machines. The product is easy to install to the coffee machine so you can make a cup of fresh coffee right away without any kind of difficulty.

Easy to Use

There is no different way to use between the original and the reusable pods. It means reusable pods are easy to use. You just need to remove the foil which covering the pod. Wash and dry the pod before using it to keep it hygiene and the quality of the espresso. When the reusable pod is dry enough, start to put the new espresso coffee to the pod. Put it while pressing down the coffee firmly until it is fully covering the pod. Cut a new foil based on the diameter of the pod and use the foil to cover the pod. Just make sure that you have covered the pod with the foil and put the pod back to the coffee machine. The last thing to do is turning the coffee machine on. That’s it! You are about to enjoy a cup of fresh and delicious espresso anytime you want at home.

Get More Reusable Pods per Package

A reusable pod is not only affordable but also sold in a package. A package of reusable pods for Nespresso consists of 3 to 5 pieces. This is the reason why you can save a lot of your money if you take the reusable pods. Some of the original pods for Nespresso are difficult to find and you need to spend extra money to buy it.

The point of the explanation above is that using reusable pods is giving you a lot of benefits. You can save more money because the price is affordable than the original product. The quality is also the same with the original so you can keep enjoying a cup of fresh espresso at home. You don’t need to learn something new because the way to use the reusable pods is the same as the original one. The most important thing, this is also the way you help the environment by reducing a plastic waste on earth.


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