When asked, what is that “one thing” that compels the audience to trust a brand or make a purchase from them? The unanimous reply delivered by the audience came “Brand’s credibility” and “Brand’s ubiquity across all the platforms.”

Establishing this required “Brand’s credibility” and the “Brand’s presence” is ultimately upon its marketers, how they do and what they do? It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or an established entrepreneur, you need to define your brand in a way that you gain your target audience’s trust by offering them consistent and strong brand presence.

To our surprise, social media technically has been present for over 40 years now, but it was not effectively utilized until Facebook and Instagram gave a little more power to the marketers. Earlier, people used to focus more on word of mouth and followed the same marketing strategy for years. However, social media has changed the game and has a major influence on the way marketing is performed today.

It is “The Place” that impels customers to have maximum interaction with the brand and share their opinion about the product. Social media channels are the dynamic mediums that have drastically shifted the traditional ways of marketing to modern ones.

If you are looking out to mark your presence on the dynamite platforms, here is how you can do that efficiently. However, just a note to ourselves: Brand building isn’t an overnight task; it takes you months ( or years many times), dedication and valuable time. Remember, Pantene and Nike weren’t this BIG initially.

Hire a team of Social Media Managers:

#SEOchecklist, #BrandXYZ or any other hashtags that you see on the pages of the social media channels are thoughtfully chosen. And the masterminds behind these are the expert social media managers. It is advisable to hire a team of managers from social media marketing company Toronto before you plan anything forward of the roller coaster ride.

Some key points to remember are:

Your mission and vision of promoting the brand should have a specific brand’s purpose. Do not change your track while moving from one platform to another. Instead, stick to your tone and the target audience. Never miss upon posting regularly on the platforms.

Let’s discuss in detail the key takeaways that are just mentioned.

Start with a brand’s purpose:

Have you ever accomplished a mission without a vision? Probably no brand would ever do that. It’s like sailing in the sea without having a map or GPS. If you do not know the guiding principles of social media marketing, you should not start the campaign. You need to define the clear direction of how you want your social media marketing to channel, and where should it start? Starting with a purpose or say mission gives you the clarity of what you want to achieve by running the campaign and reap the maximum benefits from it.

Pick up a brand’s voice and tone:

brand’voice and tone

Your marketing tone has many options like satirical, empowering, friendly, gruesome or anything but not boring. However, this tone for branding is completely dependent on the choice of your target audience. Understand the demographics and imagine which tone or way of writing will sharply associate the brand with the target audience? Be clear on what and how you will communicate with the audience over the platforms and educate them better about the brand.

Having said that, do not write for the robots (crawlers), but write for humans. Understand the way the audience would love to hear from you, which will further incline the audience towards your brand. Are you ready to grab your bite with the blog?

Decide your posting schedule:

You are not posting just for the sake of posting. The prime dictum behind posting should be gaining maximum claps and likes over the post. This number of claps and likes define the brand’s success in marking the footsteps. Hence, with your very first post, it might be challenging to engage the audience, but do not give up. Create another engaging piece of content and start posting regularly. Start with a minimum of one post a day and burgeon the number of posts gradually. You can thank us later for this amazing magic trick, but before that, we wish you all the best for driving good results and responses on your posts.

To start with, you can do the following:

Facebook: You can update a couple of posts in a day;

Twitter: You are free to tweet three to five times a day;

Instagram: Try posting at least one post in a day;

LinkedIn: You should post at least one post per weekday.

While posting on social media, you are giving your audience a real-time update and hence do not clutter the social media platforms with very frequent posts. By posting beyond the limits, it may happen that the audience may miss out on the one on which you want to draw their maximum attention.

Use colours that connect with the target audience and make a statement:

The colour of your posts has a great impact on the emotions of the target audience. The brand colour should look appealing and meaningful in such a way that it connects with the brand’s target audience. However, it is advisable that the brand’s colour across all the platforms should be consistent and unified. Do not go for colours that look unprofessional and less happening.

Are you ready to mark your brand’s presence?


Social media platforms can be used incredibly even by a rookie business owner to build the brand within months (if done smartly). SEO also plays an important role in bringing up the ranking of the posts over your page. Hence, you also need to take assistance from the SEO company Toronto, to ensure that the pages are optimized and help in bringing the traffic. Be transparent about the company for building a long-lasting relationship with the customer.


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