Cool Kid’s Birthday Party Theme Ideas with Balloon and Artificial Flowers

Preparing a special birthday party for your beloved kid is a fun thing to do. You are about to deal with a lot of cute items. One of the great kid’s birthday party decoration items is a balloon.

Due to the limited time to prepare the decoration, you need to find the best place to buy the items. An online store such as Celebratebay is a kid’s birthday balloon store and it has a lot of cute balloons to make the birthday party decoration looks wonderful.  

Forest Birthday Party Theme

One of the most popular birthday party decoration themes for kids is a forest party. You can make the decoration looks cool by adding several balloons with the same theme. This online store has those balloons in which you can choose to add elephant, monkey, tiger, lion king, pig, giraffe, and any other animal balloons. The balloons are offered in a variety of colors and packages. You can get 1 piece to 6 pieces per package.

Snack Birthday Party Theme

Most kids love to see snacks and it will be a good idea for their birthday party theme. Just like the forest theme, you can add a variety of popular and delicious snack balloons for the decoration. You can put donut, ice cream, pizza, popcorn, hamburger, hot dog, and many others. The design looks like a real snack along with brighter colors to attract children who see it. The aluminum film material makes the balloon shiny and interesting to see.

Baby Shark Birthday Party Theme

Children also love baby sharks. Those baby sharks look cute and colorful and it attracts children to enjoy the character. It is also a good birthday party theme idea. There are around 10 different shark colors including red, blue, green, pink, yellow, and many more. The design is the same as the baby shark characters just like what your children often watch it. Just imagine how happy the kids when they see baby sharks at the birthday party. Besides using the balloon as decoration, you can also use it for a birthday souvenir.

Disney Birthday Party Theme

Indeed, almost all children love Disney and they must have their favorite character. They can be love Toy Story or Frozen. If it is so, you can bring their favorite Disney movie to their birthday. Adding Buzz, Woody, Little Bo-Peep, Forky, Rex, and some other characters will make the kids come into the Toy Story’s world. For your beautiful little girl, you can use Frozen for the birthday party theme. They will be happy if they see Elsa, Anna, or even Olaf at their birthday party. It can be their most unforgettable party for them.

Unicorn Birthday Party Theme

Some girls love unicorn. It is a unique, cute, and funny female horse. You can make this imaginary character appears on the birthday. The design is also various such as the cute Unicorn’s head, Unicorn in a heart shape balloon, or beautiful unicorn with a variety of crowns.

Number Birthday Party Theme

Even the list of numbers can be a fantastic birthday party theme. It is better to choose a unique design. For example, there is a design that mixed between numbers and animals. It is cool and children will be more interested to learn about numbers. They can choose based on their favorite number or animal.

Add Flowers for Special Parties

Besides adding balloons, you can also decorate the area with flowers. If you think you want to do it, just go to Comfyee. You don’t have to apply the real flowers if you don’t want to do it. Just decorate the area with an artificial flower but make sure that you get the product from the best store. Comfyee is offering high-quality artificial flowers that look similar to the original flower.

One of the categories is a silk flower where you can choose several beautiful fake flowers such as Cala Lilies, Daisy, Rosemary, Sunflowers, Lotus, Tulip, and many more. Try to mix and match the color of the flower with the theme of the party so the decoration looks wonderful and the guests will be amazed by it.

So, decorating a party including decorating your kid’s birthday party is a fun thing to do, right? This information gives you one more decoration idea to make the area looks fantastic. In the end, not only you and your kids are happy with the decoration but the guests also have the same feeling when they see it.


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