Tired of the day job you currently have? The scary truth is 90% of all employees globally hate their day-time jobs. Not necessarily because they don’t enjoy what they are doing. But due to the companies that they work for.

Which is why you may be looking for a major change in direction.

We understand just how exhausting it is to work for a company that just doesn’t match your ambitions. If you are one of the few hustlers out there who love the idea of climbing the corporate ladder, you may have a few bucket-list companies that you would love to work for.

We put together of 5 of the best companies to work for based in California in 2018.Ready, set, go!

Genentech – A Savvy Lil’ Ol Biotech Firm

GenentechGenentech has been around for forty years in the biotechnology industry. This company reports over 13,704 employees throughout various California cities. The company’s headquarters Is in San Francisco.

To say Genentech looks after it’s employees would be an understatement. The company has a 68,000 square foot employee center. That’s a football field, and some – all of its employees.

But don’t mistake this employee facility for your normal boring office job.

This facility has everything you could possibly want from a fitness center, to massage chairs. Right down to saunas, steam rooms, and even amenities like nap pods and coffee bars. Sounds more like a resort than an office to me.

Nugget Market – Your Run Of The Mill Grocery Store

Well, actually considering this enterprise was ranked as the 13th best company in the states to work for, I am going to assume it is far from “run of the mill.”

The crazy thing about Nugget Market, even with the great American recession, the company has had 0 layoffs since it was originally founded 90-years ago. Talk about job security that makes employees feel comfortable.

The company seems to have realized how important their employees are to success. The company offers 100% paid premiums for employees and has a super fun environment to work in. Spawning creativity, and ingenuity.

SalesForce – Cyber Network Your Corporate Ladder

SalesForce – Cyber NetworkWith the innovations of the digital era, it is not surprising to see cloud-based companies on the rise to popularity. Even though, back in the day, the internet was presumed to be a passing façade. It seems to have outgrown even the most optimistic expectations.

Salesforce is a global cloud computing company that loves to take care of its employee force. The company also takes the front-seat when it comes to helping the community. Alone, the company has logged over 1.3 million volunteer hours. Not to mention over a $100 million in grants.

If you are searching to work for a company that genuinely cares about its customers and their local community – SalesForce may be worthy of your CV.

Workday – Bringing Childhood Back Into The Workplace

Umm, at this point you may be thinking we are crazy.

What business brings childhood into a workplace?

That’s plain absurd.

If you love the corporate ladder, but you are tired of the stagnant rules these offices set – Workday may just hit your scopes. This company focuses on making employees feel welcome.

Right from day one, new employees are rewarded with a backpack and a brand-spanking new laptop.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This company also gives new employees a custom-made number plate, a Work Day number plate, and a nifty pair of red socks that would make even the most veteran knitters blush. Which are worn at the end of each quarter?

Riot Games – Who Doesn’t Love Working For A Gaming Company

Riot GamesCome on! I know you have fantasized about working as a professional gamer. Oh, was that just me, oops.

Regardless, Riot Games is a popular video game maker that has risen to the top 50 businesses to work for in America.

Not just because you play games all day!

This company takes their immersion strategy to the next level. After all, what better way to test the professional gamer capability of new employees than to put them through an intense session of gaming?

The best part about working for this company?

There is no schedule. No 9-5, and no chain collar around your throat. The company believes that employees should work when they feel comfortable. As long as the work gets completed by the deadline, there will be no complaints if you decide to take a sick one. Or go join your mates out exploring for a day.

How To Set Yourself Apart To Get Hired By One Of These Companies

 We compiled this list of companies because not only are they super awesome, but they may just need someone just like you.

And that’s not a sale pitch.

If you are looking to shift away from your precarious situation on the ladder, a career change may just be what you need. The problem is your scared. I felt the same way when I decided to abruptly change my career focus.

So why not start by boosting your confidence? Get yourself registered for certifications that will give you just that extra edge over other potential candidates. Prepare a killer CV, and keep calm and be awesome.

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