While it is true that fewer people will be travelling into work over the coming months, there will be those that are required at work and when things start to return to normal there will be many workers returning to the office at least part of the time as not every company can have a workforce operating entirely remotely. So, what are a few easy and cost-effective ways to get around?

Public Transport

Public transport is one option which can work well for some people. Public transport can take some of the stress out of getting to and from work each day, but often you will find that it is incredibly busy and it will not take you from door-to-door so there are a few aspects of the journey to consider. Additionally, rail fare can be expensive when you are using the train Mon – Fri which can add up over the course of the year.


For many people, driving is the best option when it comes to getting to and from work each day. This is because it allows you to go door-to-door, you have greater control over your journey, you do not have to worry about trains showing up on time and you can enjoy some privacy in the mornings. In addition to this, driving is often more affordable, especially when you are driving a car which is affordable to drive, such as a Kia. Therefore, if you are returning to the office next year then you might want to think about visiting a Kia dealer Northern Ireland to find a reliable and affordable vehicle.


Following this, another good option is to start a carpool at work. This allows you to reduce environmental impact, split petrol costs and benefit from a door-to-door commute – it can also be a good chance to enjoy some non-work-related time with colleagues and strengthen bonds.

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Another good option is to walk or cycle if possible. While this may be unrealistic for those that live far from where they work, walking or cycling to work has many benefits in that it is free, it is healthy and there is no environmental impact. For those that work slightly too far but not a huge distance, an electric bike good be a  good alternative with many of the same benefits.

These are the best options when it comes to a commute and it is important to find what is right for you so that you can arrive feeling calm and ready for a productive day.

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