In any type of business, you will get two types of customers. One group is who touches the things to judge before buying, another group doesn’t touch. The most common scenario is taking the item on hand, observing it closely, and then taking a decision to purchase. Whatever the business is food, grocery store, cloth store, pharmacy, etc. Everywhere is a common picture. Especially, when it is fruits or vegetables, it is a must for people to touch those to verify the quality. And you cannot stop them anyway.

In that case, you cannot interrupt people doing so. On the other hand, employees need to interact with the public closely. So, a good way to solve this problem is to install a portable acrylic sneeze guard or glass sneeze guard at your business place. With a glass barrier at your business center, you can hold the reins of the spreading of pathogens. Especially those which cause cold, flu and pandemic like coronavirus (COVID-19).

What Is Glass Sneeze Guard?

What Is Glass Sneeze Guard

A sneeze guard is a glass barrier that is used to place in between people and products in business areas. If you want to define this, it is a type of Plexi-tempered glass barrier, standard glass or Lexan-glass barrier. The purpose is to protect goods, products or foods and people from the spread of harmful germs. It can protect the products from spreading viruses, bacterias or other airborne germs.  

The productions of sneeze guards are generally from three glass materials; Lexan glass, Plexiglass, and standard glass. Here is a short overview.

● Lexan Glass

Lexan Glass

Lexan is a type of polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. The glass is the best fit for any situation because it is flexible compared to any other normal glasses.

●  Plexiglass


This is from acrylic. This type of glass shield is very lightweight. Another benefit is the scratch resistance better than Lexan glass shields. It is also a stronger glass shield than standard glass. However, the material is popular for the capability to resist getting discolored or yellowing.

●  Standard Glass

Standard Glass

This glass shield is a good option to use as a permanent application.  It is stable over Lexan glass and plexiglass. Also, it is enough to scratch resistance.

You have to choose the glass material considering several factors. For example, the installation place, required durability, business type, etc. More specifically, if you want a permanent set up, you can consider a standard glass shield. For semi-permanent use like a seasonal business, you can choose Lexan or plexiglass shield. The reason is, both are easy to move and install and cost-effective sometimes.

Why Your Business Need a Glass Sneeze Guard?

Glass Sneeze Guard

Sneeze guards are great in creating a translucent barrier. Not only in food stores, it is perfectly suitable for other businesses also like, post offices, gas stations, cloth stores, etc. Let’s see how important it is in your business.

●  Safety Shield

Safety Shield

A sneeze guard works as a shield between business products and customers. The barrier helps to ensure safety blockage. The effective sneeze guards are tall enough to protect you whether you are sitting or standing. These will offer the same protection shield by covering the entire interaction space.

●  Hold on Crafts

Hold on Crafts

This is the best way to make isolation without changing the goods’ characteristics. Your entire decoration will be as it is. This way gives your client the freedom to enjoy your business products without disrespecting you to craft. You can hold on to the elegance of your business place along with safety.

●  Ensure Hygiene

Ensure Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important fact to consider in a business place. Sneeze guard adds a sense of hygiene to the concerned people. It takes care of customer and employee health in a perfect way. Less direct touch will maintain the hygiene of the products.

● Germs Protection

We don’t know who is carrying germs. Virus and germs are too small to see and we cannot get protection from it by any manual action.  Some germs are airborne; some spread from cough or touch. There will be a mess if any infected person comes to the place and leaves some germs on products unintentionally. The glass shields act as a visual reminder to use proper hygiene to prevent the spread of germs.


● Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

As a material, these are easily maintainable. The cleaning is easy enough that it takes a short time. You will get several cleaning materials near to your hand. If you want a new installation, you can manage it easily. Also, if you need any replacement, that will not be a hassle as well.

Countertop Glass Sneeze Guard to Avoid Spread of COVID-19

Countertop Glass Sneeze

Generally, people use sneeze guards in buffets or several food restaurants. It is not restricted to use anywhere else. As earlier mentioned, it can serve safety purposes in any business. Considering the current situation of pandemic COVID-19, these glass shields are the best use to create a barrier to spread the virus. Now, glass has become more important than ever before. Glass sneeze guards help to avoid the spread of COVID-19 because; these are large enough to safeguard employees from coverage. Also, these are from Tempered/Lexan glass/ plexiglass that ensures safety. As Coronavirus is spreading through human touch, glass barriers between products and customers will help to decrease the spread. When there will be less direct touch, the virus affection also is lower.

Fab Glass and Mirror is proud to offer several communities with an extra protection level from severe infectious diseases like COVID-19. We are ensuring more awareness as precautions to spread coronavirus from the workplace. Whatever your preference is Lexan or plexiglass shield or standard glass barrier; you can call, request quotation or order online.  We will help to get started. For the safety issue, our team works to deliver the product nationwide free of cost to the small to international business owners. You don’t need to get out of your safe place. We care for them who desire safety for the customers and the employees.

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