Shocking video.. A crocodile kidnapped a baby and devoured it alive in front of its father

Officials in Malaysia are warning villagers to stay out of the water, as there is a risk of another crocodile attack.

A crocodile kidnapped a baby and devoured it alive in front of its father

A crocodile attacked a boat holding a father and his baby off the coast of Malaysia. The parent tried to defend against the animal, but it was too strong.

In the video, crocodile goes to a place near trees and begins eating the child. A large blood stain is shown in comparison to the size of the crocodile.

A crocodile attacked a boat carrying a father and son, as reported by local media.

The forty-year-old father was hit in the head by a crawling animal, while his little boy was snatched and dragged into the water right in front of him. The father fled to the river bank.

After the Palawah man’s son was dragged away by a crocodile, the villagers rescued the father. The crocodile later resurfaced with the infant’s body in its jaws before once again submerging itself and the corpse.

Head of the Lahd Dato Fire and Rescue Agency, Sumswa Rashid confirmed that search efforts are underway to find any trace of the child. His father was seriously injured in the head and body and has been transferred to Lahd Datu Hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately, the child’s body was not found despite the search efforts of the Royal Malaysian Police, Marine Police, and local fire department.

Officials issued a warning to villagers living along the river stretch to stay out of the water because of the possibility of another crocodile attack.

Sumswa continued, “Many of the people there depend on the river for their food and livelihood, so they need to go to the water. We have warned them of the additional dangers at the moment and we have to be especially careful because crocodiles are likely still in areas near where people frequent.”