Cruises and all-inclusive resort vacations are two of the most popular holiday choices: a record 27.5 million people went on a cruise in 2019. Both are wonderful options for an unforgettable trip to a stunning location.

But when choosing between a cruise vs all-inclusive resort, what are the different factors to consider? And how can you work out which is the best option for you?

Keep reading for the essential guide to picking a cruise or resort holiday.


When choosing between a cruise vs all-inclusive resorts for families, one of the key questions will be about the different activities available. It’s crucial to keep the kids entertained while on vacation to give the adults a chance to relax.

Check out the details of the boat you’ll be traveling on so you know what to do when aboard. Cruise ships typically come with a wider range of activities than an all-inclusive resort. This might include a kids’ club, water park, wine tasting, and quizzes.

However, if you’re wondering about a cruise vs all-inclusive resort for a honeymoon trip, you might decide that the larger bedroom sizes and greater opportunities to lie by the pool doing little else would be preferable for you.


Another element to think about is the cost of a cruise vs an all-inclusive resort. These two options are priced in slightly different ways, so it can be difficult to compare like for like.

If you find an all-inclusive cruise vs an all-inclusive resort, this would be an easy comparison of the costs to make. However, most cruises tend to not be all-inclusive, and instead, they offer only some of your meals, and only non-alcoholic drinks are included in your cost.

So, while cruises might appear cheaper at first, it is worth considering the additional money that will be spent on alcohol and meals in the more exclusive restaurants on board. Expenses such as spa treatments and scuba diving trips will likely not be included for either option.


The final point to think about when deciding between cruise vs resort is the destination. This comes back to if you want to have a more relaxing time or if you’d rather travel to different places and explore different areas.

The key advantage of a cruise over an all-inclusive resort is the variety of destinations that it allows. Get to know different towns, islands, or even countries during your trip.

But perhaps you’d rather spend your vacation simply sunbathing on the beach or poolside. In this case, an all-inclusive resort might be the better option.

Now You Can Choose Between a Cruise vs All-Inclusive Resort

We’ve covered the pros and cons of both cruises and all-inclusive resorts, so you can now pick the best option for you. Don’t forget that after choosing one option, you can always try the other for your next vacation!

If you found this post about choosing between a cruise vs all-inclusive resort helpful, don’t miss out on our other travel-related articles.

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