Shipping always turns out to be a critical link in international trade. Matters ranging from shipping policies, shipping insurances to shipping packaging all play the essential roles. Only when considering carefully every relationship in shipping can the business be reliable and safe.

In this article, we will focus on shipping packaging to find the best shipping solution through the contrast between the custom printed poly mailer and the cardboard box.

printed poly mailers

Custom printed poly mailers

A custom printed poly mailer is a shipping bag made by polyethylene. Mostly, it turns out with different specifications and lavish designs. Anything small, light, and non-fragile is suitable to use this kind of custom printed poly mailers. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the custom poly bags for shipping?


  • Room-saving: A custom printed poly mailer is merely a thin film that takes up almost no room. Even though you pile up a significant number of the custom printed poly mailers, it won’t cost too much space. In this way, you don’t need to worry about your room being messed up with tons of custom printed poly mailers.
  • Convenient: To make use of a custom printed poly mailer for packaging, you only need to open it or sometimes tear off the seal. And if you want to pack up, you only need to place the goods in and seal it up.
  • Customizable: A custom printed poly mailer is small, and at the same time, can be delicate. The thin and soft film made of polyethylene acts as a white paper, and any logo, as well as a picture, can be quickly drawn on it. Typically, the custom printed poly mailers turn out to be nice-looking with a unique design. This can be not only a package but also a brand image.
  • Affordable: A custom printed poly mailers with the same volume of a carton cost at least three times less than the cardboard boxes. When producing and shipping the goods massively, you will benefit a lot in finance if making full use of a custom printed poly mailers.


  1. Limited application: since the custom poly bags are made of several layers of polyethylene films, it is not tough enough to protect the goods. The custom poly mailer has the limited application for those small and light goods but big or fragile items. If you want to ship the clothes, the towels, and the books, custom printed poly mailers are still the right choice.

Cardboard boxes

According to the materials, there are corrugated boxes and single-layer cardboard boxes. Various specifications and models come along with it. Usually, it is used as a package or article to protect the outer layer of goods. It has now been an indispensable part of modern logistics as well.


  • Large space:The cardboard boxes can contain more products of significant size than custom poly mailers. Even though the goods are hard and heavy, the cardboard boxes can carry them.
  • Excellent protection: With the rather hard cardboard, sometimes added with a foam layer, the goods inside can have proper protection.
  • Wide application: Large products and fragile features can make full use of the cardboard boxes packaging compared with custom poly mailers. Because things inside the cartons are completely separated from outside and are provided with a buffer when being hit by something else.


  • Space-consuming: the cardboard boxes, even the folded one, can take up lots of space in a room.
  • Multifarious packaging process: only after setting up the cardboard boxes can people use them to package products. This process requires laborers to fold the carton up, which can be annoying as well as exhausting.
  • Monotonous: the cardboard boxes are often familiar and straightforward, with only a few designs. Even there are logos printed on it; the whole appearance is not attractive enough.
  • Expensive: the cardboard boxes cost three times more than the custom poly mailers with logos, which would be a considerable cost.
custom printed poly mailer


After contrast, we find that the custom printed poly mailer and cardboard box have their own advantages and disadvantages. For clothing, paper, and other non-fragile small items, the best choice is the custom poly mailer. It is superior to the cardboard box in space, cost, and convenience.

If you choose the custom printed poly mailers, those from the WH packaging can significantly help. They are made of 100% virgin polyethylene with permanent self-adhesive glue(optional). 3-layers extrusion technology is used to enhance the quality of the custom poly mailers. The most prominent trait is that it owns the plain exterior—any ideal for logo/brand printing and marketing can be expressed on it.

WH Packaging has been one of the leading manufacturers of custom poly mailer bags in China. They supply poly packaging products for express delivery and e-commerce services for many years. They own rather high productivity and numerous producing line. The extrusion blowing machines and printing machines are state of the art. If you are interested in renewing your packaging way for shipping solutions, partnering with WH Packaging will be the right choice.

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