Whenever a person gets fed up from his regular 9 to 6 office job he usually thinks that being a digital Nomad is so cool and nothing can be better than this.  Indeed, a digital nomad does not need to sit in the office to complete the task.  The life of a digital Nomad seems cooler as it reduces stress, there is less clutter and also get the chance to travel and can easily work in their favourite attire either it is short or night suit.  But, every coin has two sides.  Along with this a cooler phase, there comes a darker side of the life of a Digital Nomad.

In simple words, I can say that sometimes the choice to become a digital nomad suck. Not every nomad reveals the darker side of their profession. They show that their life is so cool and amazing but still it here we are sharing some secrets of the life of digital nomads. These darker secrets are the disadvantages that the Digital Nomads.

Darker Side of a Digital Nomad

There are many individuals who search for questions like “how to become digital nomad“? This is usually because they don’t have any idea how difficult it is being a digital nomad.

A Lot of Hard Work

There is a lot of hard work in the profession of a digital nomad. In order to get regular work, it is necessary to work really hard. When the business statistics goes upwards then at that time the density of the hard work increases automatically. In such a situation, a single mistake can lead to a great loss.

Lack of Routine

The life of a digital Nomad is so messed up that they are not even able to maintain a routine.  Due to order timings of slides and working on random hours, it becomes difficult for them to have a normal routine. Along with this, budget accommodation also plays an important role. The digital nomads cannot even set a routine to sleep. All they know is travelling and working. Even sometimes it happens that they travel for so long that they start getting travelling temptations.

Sticking to the budget

Routine and hard work is not only the problem that a digital Nomad face but also the money management skills also play an important role.  Being a Digital Nomad if you spend more than the limitations for the calculations gets wrong a little bit only then you can get trapped in a big problem. Being a digital Nomad, it is important to choose wisely as the private room proves to be expensive and the Dorm room cannot be taken due to privacy reasons.

There is no guarantee for regular income

There is no guaranteed income in the freelancing work.  Sometimes it happens that you get a very strong client base and earn very well and sometimes it happens that you did not even get one project to complete. It is quite impossible to predict that next month how much you are going to earn. If we state financially then and the digital nomads usually live in a decent position. It is very necessary for a digital nomad to arrange the emergency funds so that a critical situation can easily get covered.

Loneliness and homesickness

The interaction of a digital Nomad with other people is quite limited and temporary. A digital Nomad can definitely make best friends but they cannot be with him on every trip and while travelling also. Additionally being in a relationship is also quite difficult for a digital Nomad as they don’t get proper time for even themselves. Sometimes it also happens that the digital nomads start feeling like missing their home, friends and family.


One of the Logistic Nightmare that every digital Nomad faces are the bureaucratic system for dealing with the Passport and Visa issues. In order to work in another country properly, it is important to have a legal visa and passport. In case the digital Nomad lost his visa passport then it becomes difficult even quite impossible to work properly and have any future travelling plans.

Wi-Fi addiction

The digital nomads always need Wi-Fi even they usually crave for Wi-Fi it is just like their lifeline.  Sometimes it happens that the digital nomad does not get proper connectivity or gets Limited connectivity then at that time it becomes difficult for them to spend their time and complete their tasks.

It can be an exhausting situation

Travelling to another company and spending days there some time becomes so difficult. If you have ever spent your time in a foreign country then you can easily understand how difficult it is to pass your regular days.  You cannot learn all the languages and customs of every country. And it becomes difficult to have proper human interactions, learning the manners and etiquettes and living a General Lifelike others.  You won’t believe that purchasing a small ingredient, for example, a bar of chocolate or shampoo can also leave you tired and frustrated in another country. In order to get rid of such stress, the digital nomads usually take help of meditation and cardio.

Healthcare, Insurance and Taxes

It is very necessary for digital nomads to take care of their health while travelling. Along with health consideration, it is also important to determine the tax and insurance considerations as well. Suppose you have an accident while crossing a road in the foreign country then what will you do? Well, in such situation you have to take the medical care in that country only and it can prove to be very costly to you. You will not be aware of the quality and standards of the medical practices in that particular country you are residing at that time.


Well as we have stated above that every coin is having two faces and every situation or profession is having its own pros and cons.  We are not saying that being a digital Nomad is not good but along with its advantages and cool features, it is also important to take a look over the Dark Side as well.  Considering the same here we have stated all those points that you might not get online or any other Nomad will tell you. Take your decision wisely.


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