Since its birth over a decade of age, Facebook has outgrown from a social media texting app to the global powerhouse for many businesses. And, the fuel that gives power to this social media platform is ‘Advertising.’

Since its birth over a decade of age, Facebook has outgrown from a social media texting app to the global powerhouse for many businesses. And, the fuel that gives power to this social media platform is ‘Advertising.’

 If stats are to be believed, Facebook has generated over $27 billion back in 2016, only from advertising, which was $765 million high from 2009. While the changing algorithm of Facebook makes it challenging for advertisers to organically connect with fans, the micro-tagging feature of Facebook will let you reach to your targeted audience.

This also means Facebook ads will get your product in front of clients who perhaps will get your services. If you are a novice to the Facebook Marketing, dive in the article to understand everything about the ad types and how you can plan your campaign strategies:

Types Of Ads On Facebook: 

Image ads:

Image ads are multimedia ads that are easy to create and give an impressive boost to the post. Pick an impressive image or customize it according to the product. While these ads might look simple, you can add a pop element with impressive texts other surprising contexts.

Video Ads:

These type of Facebook advertising is done in stories or News Feed. You can also see them in-stream ads in long videos. With such advertisements, you can show your products and features, creating a demo.

Carousel Ads:

These ads use more than one image/video to highlight the product and its services. You can use it to highlight different features of your main product, more than one product, or can use all photos in series to create one panoramic image.

Video Poll Ads:

It incorporates interactive video polls and is a new type of Facebook paid to advertise. Also, these ads increase high brand engagement and are more effective than traditional video ads.

Collection Ads:

These ads are paid and only offer support to mobile devices. Plus, you can show at least five images at once to increase your customer base.

Slideshow Ads:

In such advertisements, you can create short videos from the collection of stills, texts, or existing video clips. These ads are eye-catching and use load swiftly even at slow internet. Besides, slideshow ads are an easy and low-impact way to get attention.

Dynamic Ads:

These ads let you promote the targeted products to clients who are interested in their services only.

Messenger Ads:

These ads let you reach to the people who are on Messenger. When creating ads, just set the Messenger as a default platform for ads.

Lead Ads:

These types of ads are available for mobile as they make it easy for people to register themselves with you without typing much. Lead ads will help in collecting subscriptions of the newsletter, signing someone for a test product, or allowing clients to ask other information.

Instant Experience Ads:

These ads are called Canvas ads, as they come in a full-screen format that has faster load time.

Stories Ads:

These ads are full-screen ads that let you increase screen space without allowing viewers to rotate the screen.

Playable Ads:

With playable ads, you can create encourage people/clients to interact with the creative content.

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7 Steps To Advertise On Facebook

Have An Objective For Ad:

The first thing you should do for creating an advertisement is to log in to the Facebook Ads Manager. Once done, go to the Campaigns tab and click on create new ads. You can align your Facebook ad with Reach, Traffic, Engagement on the ad, Brand awareness, Conversations, Lead generation, Messages, App installs, Conversions, and more.

Give A Name To Your Campaign:

Give a name to your ad campaign and focus on the post engagement, response of event, page likes, and more.

Set Account For Your Ad Campaign:  

While the new users need to click the ‘Set Up Ad Account,’ existing users can move to the next step.

Target The Audience:

Once you are done giving a name to your Facebook ad Campaign, pick a page to promote. You can target the audience by gender, age, location, and language.

Choose The Ad Placement:

You can either choose an automatic placement in which Facebook will automatically place your ads on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, or anywhere.

Set Your Budget:

Decide your budget and the amount you want to spend on your ad campaign. You can go for a daily budget or can pick a lifetime budget.

Create Your Ad:

Chose your ad format and entered the text components. The format of the ad will vary according to the objective of the campaign. You can see a preview at the bottom of the page to ensure your ad looks good on all devices.

Facebook advertising is one of the most efficient and important ways to get connected to the audience on a large scale. If you are still on the fence on the starting a campaign, keep the above tips in mind.


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