When Covid-19 struck, it changed the operations of every industry, making it necessary for people to make adjustments in all possible ways. The lockdown was perhaps the most significant indicator that the entire world was in a state of emergency, in a war that we needed to win by all possible means.

Wherever the lockdown was effected, it brought to a standstill several businesses. However, even in such a situation, rubbish removal must be taken care of. It’s part of a hygiene environment that is encouraged as a way of fighting off coronavirus. But how do you make rubbish removal effective during a lockdown? Here are a few tips to deal with junk.

Minimize Waste

Are you able to minimize what goes to waste? If you can, minimize your waste as much as possible. This allows you to use your waste bin for a longer period without the need to empty it. Remember your rubbish removing company may also be operating with a minimum workforce. They might take more time than usual to collect your rubbish. Therefore, the lesser you have the better.

The lockdown is a good time to practice, reduce, recycle, and reuse techniques. Recycle whatever you can, reuse, but most importantly, reduce the waste that comes from your home or office.

Select Carefully

Sorting garbage into appropriate bins makes it easier to dispose it off. It also adds enhances safety and precautionary measures in the process of garbage collection and disposal.

You need to be more careful about how you handle junk at this time. For instance, as people continue to use masks and sanitizers, it’s will be essential for such materials to be placed in carefully labeled garbage bins.

This is particularly important for any clinical waste including Covid-19 testing kits. Extra caution needs to be emphasized to ensure that such waste doesn’t pose any threat to the garbage collectors, particularly in spreading the virus.

Generally placing garbage in the right bins is an appropriate measure of correct removal as well and proper care for the environment.


The lockdown has required people to adjust their schedules and ensure that whatever they do fits into their schedule appropriately. 

It’s essential that you work with garbage removers in your area to ensure that you work with the issued guidelines in regards to time. Find out whether rubbish removal Sydney services form part of the essential service providers allowed to work under lockdown. Also, find out how they have altered their collection services and cooperate with them to have your garbage moved accordingly.

It’s also advisable to have your waste at the collection point only on collection day at the right time. This ensures that you avoid having it laying around for longer than necessary

Use Creative Disposal Methods

The lockdown may hinder proper delivery of some services and you will need to be a little more creative in the way you handle your waste. If circumstances and laws within your area allow, you can try the following methods as a way of waste disposal:

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Learn about the kind of waste that can be burned effectively without causing harm to the environment or being hazardous to those around you. If you have enough space within your compound, you can burn some waste such as dry leaves and sticks. Nonetheless, this must be done in consistency with laws within your areas.


Some waste can simply be buried and allowed to decompose without interference. This is an age-long method and one that is applicable for a wide range of materials. The most important element is ensuring that the materials you for burying are biodegradable i.e. they can be decomposed by bacteria.


You might not have thought about but a compost bin might save you a lot of trouble. Suitable materials may include food waste, fruit waste, tea bags, grass, and plant cutting among others. Avoid putting in plastic waste. Old newspapers and other types of biodegradable paper can also go into the compost bin.

One of the greatest advantages of making compost is that you can use it as manure to feed for plants around your home.

Keep the collection Bins Clean

Once your garbage has been collected for disposal, ensure that the garbage bins are clean. Disinfect them if necessary to ensure that you minimize the chances of contamination and even infection among people around. Was the inside, the outer layer as well as the handles in the best way possible?


The lockdown shouldn’t give you an opportunity to pile up waste. Explore creative ideas around you for waste disposal while ensuring everybody’s safety and wellbeing. Also, work with other residents around you to come up with workable solutions. It’s also important to think of long-term solutions that can remain effective for a while.

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