Delhi, the capital of India, will never stop to amaze you, and it is the only city in the world with a unique distinction of having three UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its boundaries. There are many interesting things which one can do here. The city is full of bars, bazaars, cafes and fun places which make this city better known city of the world. Delhi serves as a surprised plethora of history, cuisine, culture, commerce and street life with countless sights and activities to keep visitors thoroughly engaged.

Some of the individuals want to transform their weekend into smaller than normal get-away, so for them, there are various fascinating places around Delhi and there is something for everybody. In northern India, one of the most popular tourist places is situated in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh on the banks of Beas River and at an altitude of 1950meters or 6500 feet Manali, The Valley of Gods. You can hire delhi to manali buses and reach the place and enjoy the place which is one of the oldest towns of Kullu valley.

Manali surrounds the aura of Romance everywhere, right from the hustle-bustle of mall road to the very calm, locals, and foreigners who dominate Old Manali to the woods around Manu temple to the walk path around Hadimba temple. Manali is a land of contrasts, and you can do endless number of things here for fun and peace. You can add the spice of adventure sports, crystal clear falls, crisp weather, peaceful temples and appreciate the mysterious music of this year-long magnet.

Visitors are never disappointed as Manali is an awesome hill station. The place offers many unique experiences unlike various other mainstream hill stations. The buses from delhi to manali go throughout the year but make a plan to visit this heavenly abode in summer.

The place is ideal for families as well as young couple. Listed below are some of the exciting and unique things you can do in Manali in summer for an amazing holiday.  

  1. Waterfalls – Listen to the music – Enjoying the nature is one of the best things you can do in Manali. You will be greeted with the most serene cascades with aromatic air, dense birch trees and pristine views, rediscover yourself while you the sweet nothings at Jogini Falls or Zana falls. A picnic at Rahala falls is a must while on your trip to Manali.
  2. Temples – Pay a visit to the Almighty – Manali is one of the best places for gaining spiritual guidance and inner peace. Manali has got various magnificent monasteries and ancient temples holding various legendary stories. Hadimba temple, Manu temple and mystic monasteries are some of the places to be seen in Manali.
  3. Adventure Sports – Indulge in Exciting Activities – Indulge yourself in various exciting activities to do in May and June. The Beas River presents challenging rapids from Pirdi to Jhiri. You can also enroll in fun cycling day tour that unwrap Manali for you.

Enjoy your vacation with family and friends and make your stay comfortable.

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