Desperate escape attempt for a prisoner! Video of him throwing himself out of a police car on a highway

Desperate escape attempt for a prisoner
Desperate escape attempt / Social Media

On Sunday, January 1 2023, a detainee of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department haplessly attempted to break free while on an interstate in Southern California. ABC 7 captured footage of this bungled escape attempt showing the man attempting to crawl through one of the patrol car windows.

The mystery inmate barely managed to squeeze out of the window before he stumbled onto the highway, face-first. Instantly, Deputy Sheriff jumped off their passenger side and apprehended the suspect with handcuffs firmly fastened just in time for escape – as reported by The Daily Mail on Monday 2nd January 2023.

 The prisoner tries to slip out of the window 

The accident occurred shortly before 5 p.m. on December 30, 2022 on Interstate 5 in Newhall. Officials told the local channel that a deputy warden was moving the inmate at the time.

The police car was driving downhill on Calgrove Boulevard when the accident occurred.

The shocking video shows the prisoner hanging from the side of the car, while trying to duck out of the window.

Officials told ABC 7 that the man had kicked the window, but was still wearing handcuffs while trying to escape. The man, dressed entirely in blue, can be seen narrowly escaping a neck injury as he collapses onto the open road.

Cars can also be seen passing around the inmate to avoid him, as he tries to evade a law enforcement official. It appears that the deputy used pepper spray to subdue the man while he was lying on the road, and quickly resolved the situation and returned the man to the car. According to ABC 7, no one was injured in the incident.

Interact with the prisoner escape video 

The video attracted the notice of perceptive commentators who noticed that the man was missing a long-term plan.

“He would have been a good candidate for the Darwin Prize for Folly,” wrote one Facebook commenter, a satirical tribute given to individuals who protect human genes by sacrificing their lives in the most stupid of ways.

While someone wrote on YouTube: “Let’s just say, he’s not the smartest ever.” Another wrote: “Laughs! He wanted to come out for the last time in 2022.”

Meanwhile a YouTube viewer said: “Wow, what a scorpion! The way it pulled itself out and slid its full weight across his face… Wow! This guy sure did this before! If his legs dangled at a higher angle the move would have been perfect. Nice try well worth it 8 out of 10”.

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