DiCaprio is being ridiculed and the reason is his dating a teenager in high school

Leonardo DiCaprio with the teenage girl
Leonardo DiCaprio with the teenage girl

With his penchant for dating models under the age of 25, global superstar Leonardo DiCaprio has come under fire from social media activists.

According to the British Daily Mail, reports emerged that Leonardo DiCaprio is romantically involved with 19-year-old model Eden Polani – a claim quickly denied by those close to the Oscar-winning actor.

Nevertheless, the pioneers of social sites could not help but comment on the young girl’s situation, noting that her high school education had been disrupted due to the Corona pandemic.

It’s no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend is so young, given the fact she likely studied his classic role in Romeo and Juliet while attending school!

Another person asked, “Can someone explain to me what a 50-year-old man and 19-year-old girl have in common?”

For the first time

At Ebony Riley’s celebratory event for her new musical album, Leonardo and Eden were photographed side by side – the Academy Award-winning actor seated beside the teenage model.

On this occasion, DiCaprio was uncharacteristically understated as he chose to forgo wearing a uniform and opted instead for jeans, a shirt, bomber jacket and baseball cap. He seemed more at ease in his own skin than before when attending public events where he had often felt compelled to disguise himself.

Gigi Hadid covered her face while DiCaprio completely concealed it at a previous dinner they had together

Relationship with Gigi Hadid

Before that, reports circulated about the link between the famous international actor and 23-year old model Victoria Lamas. On New Year’s Eve, they shared a memorable evening with their friends in tow.

The Hollywood A-lister’s latest romance was with the prominent American model Gigi Hadid of Palestinian descent, whom everyone in the entertainment industry could not stop talking about until their split. It bears mentioning that his romantic choices have continually been met with criticism due to his penchant for dating younger women.

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