Finding a place to stay or making your own dream home is two totally different things. Everyone wants their own personal space to grow and able to find one can be the most exciting experience for any human being. As we all know to create a home from scratch, you need to keep lots of things in mind like from ceiling to flooring, door to windows.

There is too much variety available to choose from according to your personal needs. But when you already have a home and you just want a makeover, then we have something specific to discuss to change its interior to the next level. Flooring can make a big and dramatic change in your living and working surroundings.

There are a lot of floorings available according to your needs and choice which can be divided into two basic types of flooring:

  • Domestic Flooring 
  • Commercial Flooring

A house consists of different areas like kitchen, washrooms, balcony and living area. In business they have stores, machinery area, pantries or where all the systems installed require different kinds of flooring which make it quite important to learn about floorings. Let’s learn about different Flooring and their characteristics. 

Types of Floorings Available in Market

Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring has become very famous for their versatility as they are just made from compressed planks of Fiber board ,which can be covered with an image of tiles, stones or wooden. They are way cheaper to give your rooms to natural flooring at low cost. QC laminate flooring is very famous for their flooring services as they have a beautiful collection of different kind of floorings in Leighton Buzzard.

 Timber Flooring 

Timber flooring is the most natural and beautiful flooring for any space but while using timber you need to keep environmental factors like moisture or humidity in your mind which are prone to damage the floor. But there are different kinds of finishing available to keep those problems at bay like oil, wax and lacquer.

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring is quite durable and can be fixed with glue only. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs in the form of rolls or tiles. They are the best choice for kitchen and bathroom floors. 

Bamboo Flooring 

This is bamboo grass which is compressed to make flooring and a very eco- friendly option. Bamboo flooring is water resistant.

Cork Flooring 

I understand you might get surprised with cork flooring but they can be an amazing flooring option for basements as they are water resistant and can be bunched and glued to the floor like any other flooring. 


There are multiple options available in market like natural stone and ceramic tiles but natural stone tiles are very expensive compared to ceramic tiles. They both are durable than any other flooring and only installed by proper cementing and fitting.

Carpet & Rubber Flooring 

Carpets are the very good option for your office area as they are available in multiple varieties, textures and colors .They are made from wool, fiber and polyester. Carpets have insulating nature like rubber flooring which also becomes a popular choice for children’s play areas.

Poured Flooring 

These give your home protection from water and make it more durable. This type of flooring poured and spread on floors to create a hard surface from Mastic asphalt and polymer.

At  the end I suggest Laminate floorings is a best and cost-effective option for your home as myself I installed Laminate flooring in my home according to different room’s needs and quite surprised by the collection available at QC Laminate flooring  Leighton Buzzard. They are professionals in their business and become very helpful in my house restoration in choosing the best and latest flooring ideas. I hope you get what you are really looking for in your floorings.


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