We have witnessed some surprising and incredible innovations in the digital industry over the past few years. With almost every industry embracing the change and adapting to the latest technology, digital printing has also evolved. There’s no denying that digital printing has made the printing industry quite smoother and reliable for printers as well as clients.

Digital print refers to the procedure of having digital pictures, texts, and other multimedia content printed straight onto a simple or designed paper. Imagine getting those 3D images used for marketing purposes. Well, it is definitely something that could attract your audience and get them to do business with your company.

The demand for digital prints is on the rise these days. After all, there is no better way to get your bundle of business cards, brochures, newsletters, posters, and other marketing tools printed than web-to-print solutions. Digital printing is expected to witness some of the biggest trends in the coming years. Let’s have a look at the interesting digital printing trends in 2020.

Better Security

With the growth in technology, the demand for technological security is rising. Of course, companies want a perfect and highly-secure solution when it comes to the digital industry. Digital print is no exception. We all know that the printed papers can include a considerable amount of confidential and personal information that may concern the companies and users. This increases the risk of print tampering.

But that is no longer going to be trouble. With the print industry all set to witness evolution, the digital printers used in 2020 will prioritize security. In fact, the sole aim of such printers will be to keep the printed documents and sensitive information from hackers.


Gone are the days when dot-matrix printers were used for printing. They were neither reliable nor accurate. The printed papers were hardly readable. Nowadays, high-volume and the best quality laser printers are being utilized to print digital images accurately.

Basically, the procedure is known as web-to-print technology. No matter how complex the picture is, the digital printers can copy the exact quality of the image on a simple piece of paper. That’s how the printing industry has gotten better over time. It is focusing more on digital solutions that could benefit the users and provide companies with the finest printed images.

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Less Focus on Design

Most traditional printers focus on the design of the content. Their sole purpose is to print a detailed image featuring intricate designs. Basically, these printers aim to bring as much visual detail into the printing paper as possible.

However, people demand minimalist designs these days. They want clear, neat, and a high-quality print rather than a complex design that looks extremely cluttered. In the coming years, the focus of the printing companies will be on accuracy. They will put more emphasis on the quality of the print, instead of stressing over the intricate design. Companies know that simple and minimalist designs attract their customers the most.

The simpler the design of the print, the clearer it looks and the more people it attracts. So, be ready for the minimalist-design printing orders in 2020.

On-the-go Printing

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Technology have made our life a whole lot easier by enabling us to carry out the hectic tasks on the go. That’s exactly what the customers expect from digital printing companies. They no longer need to search for a local printing store near their home or workspace. They find digital printing shops easier and reliable instead.

If you have a printing store, it is time to prepare yourself for more digital orders i.e. the order placed through smartphones than face-to-face contacts. Many customers have embraced this trend. In fact, most of the office-goers order their regular prints online. After all, it is super convenient. Within a single tap, they can order as many prints as they want.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

With the current hype around the Internet of Things, chances are you have already heard about this latest technology. Well, we all are connected to the IoT in some way. The question is how is it going to affect the digital printing industry?

Earlier, we saw the computer and printer connection. But the IoT has made it possible for printing companies to connect their smartphones and tablets to the printing devices. Now, digital printing has become even better and convenient with smartphones.