Digital Workplace Innovations to Embrace in Your Organization

The Modern Workplace: Then and Now

Companies are accelerating their pace of digital business transformation in order to improve business outcomes and increase internal and external collaboration. In a 2018 research report, Forrester predicted that: “Collaboration will emerge as an anchor technology for digital transformation. Collaboration helps workers share information, coordinate projects, discuss best practices, and build communities within and across the enterprise.” Furthermore, a Forrester survey published in the same year found that 82% of global technology decision-makers have already begun or will begin enterprise collaboration initiatives in the next 12 months. Taken together, increased digital transformation and collaboration initiatives translate into more opportunities.

Business and technology decision-makers’ investment priorities are centered around transformation with a focus on increasing innovation, developing new skills, increasing the speed of project delivery, and reducing overall IT costs. 

Evolution of Digital Innovations in Business

The growing imperative to transform businesses with digital technologies has resulted in a desire to create modern workplaces that empower employees and unlock the hidden value within organizations. In order to help customers achieve these objectives, you will need to further expand your technical and business solution capabilities.

One of the key forces driving enterprise IT is the SaaS delivery model. This has broad implications for companies adopting enterprise collaboration solutions and for service providers in terms of their delivery capabilities and financial models.

Changing priorities and spending habits are affecting how companies buy consulting services and how service providers are delivering them. According to a 2017 Forrester report, leading companies “aggressively use services partners for R&D, business strategy, branding, and product and service innovation.” The report also finds, based on a survey of 242 global services decision-makers, that the leading reason why they use “third-party firms to help with all or part of [their] digital transformation” initiatives is because they “need an outside perspective to think about [their] business model, organization, processes, and/or technology and applications in new, innovative ways.”

This brief review of recent Forrester research highlights several trends: 

  • Rise of digital business transformation and collaboration initiatives as part of creating the modern workplace
  • A strong move towards SaaS-based solutions
  • Changing buyer decision criteria and the increasing role of business leaders in buying decision
  • The evolving role of professional services organizations.

Graduated Offerings: The Good, Better, Best Paradigm

Digital transformation efforts—involving the processes, functions, and business goals that surround technology investments affect business performance. 

To get digital transformation right, businesses must leverage their inherent strengths, including agility and the ability to build a strong and collaborative culture. The executives and key decision makers need to prepare their organizations for this new era by creating a digital culture, developing change-management strategies, and equipping employees with the collaboration and technology platforms necessary to put strategy into action.

How to Become a DIGITAL WINNER?

How to Become a DIGITAL WINNER?

Now, it is clear that innovation in the workplace through digital technology must be the primary focus for your organization, to seek sustained competitive advantage.

But what are these digital workplace innovations?

Developing Digital Leadership

Companies of all sizes need to update leadership for the digital economy: despite a widespread understanding that things must change, decision-making remains sluggish and complex, management skills are not up to date, and employees lack the technology and training they need to stay relevant.

Progressive Employee Engagement

Hiring, developing, and retaining top talent will be critical for SMB leaders as they face off with an ever-growing roster of competitors around the globe. SMB executives know that talent is a priority, but have yet to turn that knowledge into action: while they are more likely than larger companies to cite shortages of skilled talent as having a major future impact on their company, they are no more likely to say their company is making talent recruitment a top strategic priority.

Intelligent Applications

Leveraging artificial intelligence, voice-drive search functionality and the like helps in improving the overall experience of users and supports streamlining of existing business processes. At the same time, it is important to assess the readiness of your organization before deploying these applications. AI can bring many developments like automation of mundane tasks, delivering excellent customer support with minimum learning curve, handle user satisfaction concerns and much more. A case in point is the use of shift scheduling software which remove all the hassels of employee management.

Encouraging Decentralization 

The business structure is either centralized or decentralized. In a centralized structure, almost every decision is taken by higher authorities like CEO, CIO, etc. In a decentralized system, every employee of the company has a voice and contributes well to the innovative business processes. In the era of digital transformation, organizations need to innovate rapidly. So, it becomes necessary to encourage decentralization in order to leverage the power of innovation. 

Looking Forward to the Innovative Digital Workplaces

Change is never easy. Overhauling leadership for the digital workplace—whether by updating the decision-making process to be more data-driven and distributed across the organization, upskilling executives and employees, changing organizational structures, or setting and communicating a company-wide digital strategy—is necessary to be a digital winner. 


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