The director and producer of “Buzz Lightyear” is among those fired from Disney

In the biggest job cut of the decade, Disney has terminated 75 employee contracts, including two executives held responsible for the underwhelming performance of the company’s “Buzz Lightyear” project.

According to Reuters, Angus McClain, the director of “Buzz Lightyear”, and Galen Sussman, the film’s producer, were among those who were expelled. Additionally, Michael Agolnik, who serves as Pixar’s vice president of global advertising, was reportedly fired.

Last June, the UAE banned the movie “Space Guard” due to scenes promoting homosexuality. The decision was made by the country’s Media Regulatory Office, which stated that the film did not comply with media content standards in force in the country. This resulted in the movie not being granted a permit to be shown in cinemas throughout the Emirates. The movie features the character “Buzz Lightyear”.

In addition to the UAE, the film could not be shown in 14 Middle Eastern and Asian countries for the same reasons, and this had an impact on box office performance.

Starting from May 23, Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger initiated a plan to reduce costs by $5.5 billion and cut 7,000 jobs, which led to the firings.


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