Venice Beach is one of the most iconic beaches in Los Angeles. You will likely recognize many of the infamous spots along the boardwalk that overlooks the gorgeous hill covered California beaches. If you are visiting L.A. and plan to spend a night or two in Venice, you want to make sure you are staying as close to the beach as possible. The area is very walkable, and you will likely not need to use any sort of public transportation during your stay. If you are not able to check into your hotel when you arrive, check out luggage storage in Venice Beach so you can hit the boardwalk as soon as possible.

The Boardwalk

Walking along the streets of Venice you will find local artists selling original paintings, jewelry, and L.A. souvenirs. There will be dozens of vendors selling various snacks like fresh fruit and bacon wrapped hot dogs (an L.A. delicacy). You will also come across the Venice Murals which includes around two dozen different works of art and will take you by some visually fascinating architecture.

Residents of Venice Beach like to stay active, and with near perfect weather year-round and the stunning ocean views, they mostly choose to workout outdoors. As you walk along the pathways lining the stunning beaches, you’ll see skateboarding enthusiasts showing off their skills at the infamous skate park, or weightlifters working out at Muscle Beach. You will also pass by a paddle tennis court, skate dancing plaza, multiple beach volleyball and handball courts and an entire bike trail. Additionally, the southern part of the beach houses a 1,300-foot fishing pier that regularly attracts local fisherman.

Water Sports

You are also likely to see a crowd or two of surfers enjoying the waves. You can get in on the fun because Venice Beach has surf lessons for beginners. This is a great option if you really want to experience what it’s like to be a Venice Beach native. If you are not quite ready to start catching waves, you can also rent paddle boards for the day. This is a fun and relaxing way to get out on the water and enjoy your trip.

The best way to see as many beachside attractions as possible is through a bike tour. You can choose to do a two-hour guided bike tour, or you can rent a bike and stroll around at your own discretion.


If you are looking for a laid-back place to grab breakfast or lunch, check out Great White. Great White is an adorable café located right on the beach. You can grab one of their smoothie bowls or salads or go all out and enjoy one of their killer pizzas or breakfast burritos. These options pair well with one of their cappuccinos or natural wines.

Café Gratitude has a location in Venice and is the perfect place for people from out of town to feel like a true L.A. native. This vegan eatery is unique in that all their dishes are named after affirmations. When you order you will also be declaring that ‘I am empowered’ or ‘I am terrific’. Café Gratitude has multiple locations throughout L.A. and is a favorite to many natives, vegan or not.

One of the best dinner spots in Venice is Felix Trattoria, an Italian spot known for its large glass window into the kitchen where you can see the chefs making the pasta fresh. This place has a reputation that precedes it so be sure to make a reservation for the night you plan on going. While the fresh pasta is the main attraction, their antipasti is widely praised as a must try.

Cafes and Breweries

Venice is also home to breweries like the Venice Duck Brewery or the Venice Beach Beer Company. These breweries brew beers that are inspired by the energy in the city of Venice.

You can also check out one of the trendy and hipster coffee shops that Venice has to offer. Menotti’s Coffee Shop is right near the boardwalk if you are looking for a welcoming and quaint place to fill up on caffeine. There is also an interesting coffee shop located inside of the flagship store for TOMS shoes. Nestled into the shoe store you’ll find TOMS Roasting Co. which provides a charitable component similar to their shoe incentive. For every purchase of TOMS coffee, the company will help provide safe water to a person in need. Groundworks Coffee Co. is also worth checking out when you’re in town as they have multiple locations around Venice. This place provides the perfect hipster vibe, so if that sounds like your scene, make sure to stop by.

With so much to offer, Venice Beach is a must see stop during any Los Angeles trip. Make sure to make it over to the coast and try out some of the best Venice has to offer!

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