At first glance, it may surprise how it is possible not to know where your spouse is. But as practice shows, such a situation is quite common, and therefore you need to know how to deal with it. Our article will help you with this task.

The Most Common Example

Let’s look at one of the most striking examples. One of the classic situations is when the couple decides to take a break in the relationship. They agree that everyone needs time to think about their attitude to their partner, and also to understand their desires. After all, we need to understand our own desires. Because it is difficult to restore relations with a partner when you can’t understand what you want from this marriage and from relations with this person.

So, after it was decided to live separately from each other, the spouses separate and quite often it happens that they never return to life together. Some partners decide to file for divorce, and some do not even want to contact their ex-spouse in order to formalize their separation. They just continue to live on and build new relationships. After this moment, an indefinite amount of time may elapse.

But, when one of the spouses decides to legitimize their relationship with another person once again, he or she will remember that the past marriage is still valid, and therefore it is necessary to solve this somehow. It’s good when the contacts are saved and the spouse willingly goes to the legal divorce. But what if it is not possible to find a spouse through previous contacts, and a divorcement is necessary? You can now learn about what you need to know regarding Simple separation by checking this link.

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How to Solve the Problem and Complete the Divorcement by Your Own?

Going through such a process will be a little more difficult than through the ordinary one, but the main thing is that this is still possible. The state government provides for some steps that must be taken in the case of a similar situation. A spouse who wants to file for divorce will need to provide a few more papers to the court, in addition to the classic divorce package.

Additional papers provide a description and confirmation of the actions that were taken to search for a second spouse, namely:

  • Checking old personal contacts. This is the first thing a spouse should check. Call all phone numbers that were known at the time of the breakup. You must also provide a report that at the address where the partner’s residence was previously registered, the spouse no longer appears and does not live at the moment.
  • Checking family contacts. Perhaps the relationship with the spouse’s family did not remain as warm as they were before, but this step is necessary. The main thing is to include in the report everything that will be said by the spouse’s family members so that in court you have written confirmation of their words in your hands.
  • Checking work contacts. One of the papers should include verification of the workplace where the partner previously worked. You can include the testimony of the employer, where he or she will confirm in writing that the spouse has not been working there for a certain time.
  • Online verification. With the prevalence of social networks, an online search can be much more productive than contacting relatives. And this type of search should also be entered into the list of the additional papers for the court.

These steps are basic in order to successfully complete a divorcement case. To facilitate the work on the formalization of the remaining forms, the spouse can contact the divorce website, where he or she will receive help with the submission of documents.

One of these companies is OnlineDivorcer.

. The company will take responsibility for the competent applying and counseling of its customers online. Here you can also get additional information on how to properly report on the missing spouse. Thus, the divorcement process can be reduced to a minimum period of 120 days. Correctly completed documents are the guarantor of quick and easy completion of the case.

Summing Up Anything can happen in our life. We can never know for sure about the problems that may await us. But, each problem can be dealt with, the main thing is not to give up and continue to fight for your own well-being.