If you are thinking of experiencing a cruise on your next trip, then you must secure yourself with an adequate travel insurance policy. But before that you need to decide if you want to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy that offers cruise cover, or you want to buy a specific cruise insurance plan.

It is important to consider buying cruise insurance when booking a cruise because of multiple reasons- a cruise is quite expensive and its cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances can prove to be a costly affair. Anything can happen on board including extreme weather conditions, seasickness and in the worst case, accidental drowning. Therefore, it is important to secure your trip with adequate cruise coverage to offer compensation for all the financial risks.

Depending on the cruise travel insurance plan you opt for, there are various situations that are covered while traveling overseas by ship, including medical emergencies and even emergency evacuation from the sea. To find the most workable policy, you can compare different plans and then buy travel insurance plans online. It will help you choose a customized insurance quote offering you maximum coverage.

Note: It is not essential that a cruise insurance policy will offer better coverage in comparison to a normal travel insurance plan. Read the policy documents, terms and conditions as some travel insurance policies can also offer you better payout and coverage benefits.

Highlighted below are some of the possible risks that are covered by an overseas travel insurance policy on a cruise:

Missed Cruise– There can be various unfortunate reasons due to which you may miss your cruise. Some of the reasons are – an accident on the way to the port, theft or loss of the luggage on the way, traffic jam, a missed flight or bus, misplaced travel documents among other reasons. And if you have your cruise trip covered, you can get compensation for the financial loss.

Trip Curtailment or Cruise Cancellation – What if there are last minute changes, and your cruise has been delayed or cancelled. All your booking amount will go waste and the booking cost of a cruise is usually on a higher side.

This is where your insurance policy will come into the picture. Any cancellation and delays will be compensated by the insurer as per the policy terms and conditions. It is recommended that you go through the policy wordings to check what all is covered in the plan that you are planning to buy.

Medical Emergency on the Cruise– It can be a challenging task to deal with any medical emergency while traveling on a ship. In spite of the medical facilities that are available on the ship, you can seek medical assistance as provided in your insurance policy. Depending upon the situation, you can even seek emergency medical evacuation or repatriation assistance (if it is covered in your policy).  

Emergency evacuation is usually provided by air, and the charges are quite exorbitant. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a plan that offers the same.

Luggage Loss or Delay – Loss of luggage and its delay are quite common on a flight, but on a cruise also your luggage can be routed inaccurately. And, it can be a strenuous task to get your lost luggage back, and on a ship, it can take much longer to retrieve your delayed luggage. How will you manage till then?

In such circumstances, your cruise insurance cover can help you recover your luggage. The insurer will also compensate you for the missing items or any expenses incurred while making an emergency purchase in order to replace the lost items or belongings.

Lost or Misplaced Valuables/Cards/Travel Documents– Taking into consideration the worst-case scenario- What will you do if your travel documents such as your visa, passport, cash, ATM cards, and other important items are misplaced or lost? Surely, you would not want to be at the mercy of any of the local authorities.

Your insurance policy will assist you in getting your passport or duplicate documents. It will save you from running pillar to post at a new place if you have the right insurance coverage and take precautionary measures before boarding the cruise.

Emergency Assistance – It can be thrilling to take new journeys, but it can be a challenging task to get emergency financial, legal and medical assistance during the trip. If need be, your insurance policy would also provide you assistance in a foreign land.


Whether you are going for a family vacation, honeymoon, or an individual trip, it is suggested to buy cruise cover. If you really want to make the best of your cruise with a peaceful mind and don’t want to ruin it with any unforeseen hindrance, then you must compare different travel plans and buy the best travel insurance plan for yourself. Once you decide, you must read the policy terms and conditions to avoid any problems at the time of claim.


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