You can install your Television Antenna by yourself with some easy steps. It is not a very complicated procedure. You just need to have basic DIY skills along with safety awareness.

In case, you don’t have sufficient time, you can always give a call to a professional person for the installation. You can easily find various TV antenna service providers in your area.

However, without more ado, let’s jump to the antenna installation steps.

1. Analyze the specifications of your television:

You should always know the special specifications of your TV. Make sure that your TV is the real one. Be aware of the duplicate televisions as these pieces lack the digital (ATSC) tuner. It is a very crucial part for the antenna usage as it receives the signal from your antenna (in digital format) and converts it to Analog picture and sound for your television.

If your television does not have a pre-installed tuner, then you have to get a converter or set-top box for further connections.

2. Buy your antenna:

Once you get all clarifications about the tuner of your television, then you need to buy the antenna accordingly. You need a bit of advance research to understand the type of antenna you need.

While purchasing for your antenna, there are various factors and features you need to check out, such as antenna range, CTA color codes, signal booster, amplifier, antenna size, VHF or UHF channels, etc according to your needs.

3. Select the location for your antenna:

The location of the antenna plays a major role in getting all the stations or only getting a few channels. Installing the antenna outside, on the balcony or on the terrace, is preferred by most of the people as it improvises the output quality and the number of channels is comparatively increased when the antenna is on the terrace.

When you fix your antenna, try to get a clean and direct line of sight to transmission towers if possible to reduce the further possible sources of interference.

Your antenna should be installed at least 30 meters above the ground level. Mount the antenna as high as you can because it reduces the majority of local obstacles in its line of sight.

Keep in mind that if a surrounding house or structure casts a shadow on the antenna, it will likely block or weaken TV signals coming from that direction.

4. Prep up your tools:

Collect and gather all your tools before the installation. Make sure that all the tools are properly working and all the subparts of the antenna are provided with it. Add lubricant on the tools if they are not in working condition.

Gathering all the items beforehand will definitely help you in removing the last-minute stress.

5. Mount it:

You have already decided the position for your antenna. Now you are ready to go on with the installation procedure. When you mount your antenna with any kind of mount, such as wall installations, chimney installations, or roof installations, you have to make sure that the mast should be perfectly vertical as any deviation in the signals can cause reception issues.

6. Run the cable up to your TV:

You should be very careful while connecting the coaxial cable as it is itself a source interference and signal loss. Try to avoid the sharp twists and turns in the route of the cable.

7. Attach the coaxial to the TV:

In the end, the coaxial will reach to your television, and you have to attach it to the F connector input present at the back of either the converter or the TV set.

And finally, scan all the channels and stations.


Setting up and installing a TV antenna is not rocket science, you just have to be very patient throughout the procedure. Hope, these tips will help you in installing television antennas yourself.


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