CBD is being used for many health conditions, from anxiety to acne.  However, there is another benefit that this compound has, which may be the reason for CBD finding a place in more bedrooms today.

For women over 50 whose sexual encounters may be diminishing, such as her hormones, are looking for natural products to help keep the fires burning. As menopause takes its place in life, so does the need for products to help provide enjoyable, painless invigorating sex. CBD can it take your romantic experiences to higher ground? CBD the non-psychedelic component of the cannabis plant can make the experiences with your partner a more enjoyable and satisfying time.

CBD is available in many products for many different needs. CBD infused lubrication is one such product. There are many different cannabis infused lubricants for your pleasure on the market today. These lube’s offer a mirage of benefits to help ensure you and your partner have everything you need to help those embers burst into flames again.

CBD lube will help to increase the sensitivity to touch and help to aid in relaxation, which will undoubtedly lead you to enjoy stronger deeper orgasms. For those that experience painful vaginal sex, CBD lube will be a benefit by moisturizing and helping to decrease any irritation from penetration that can occur. Cannabis infused lubrication can assist in making the males orgasm last longer. Erectile dysfunction can be helped when using CBD due to the ability of this compound to repair tissue damage while improving blood flow to the genital area. The benefit that is experienced by some women includes the ability to reach orgasms more quickly, possibly enabling multiple orgasms.

When purchasing CBD online pay particular attention to what you are buying, is your infused lube CBD, THC or perhaps a mixture of the two? Each one of these formulas will deliver different effects. Online purchasing means the responsibility of doing your research fall on you. Ordering online for your sexual needs is discreet and perhaps a more attractive solution for some.

Here are a few CBD products you and your partner may enjoy experimenting with:

Foria and Quim Rock have both developed CBD-online lubes and have them available for purchase and delivery anywhere within the country. The stimulating effects of lubes that are infused with THC will not be present, the vasodilating effects of THC will not be present, and the results may not be as stimulating. However, the product still delivers new outcomes for your pleasure.

Seniors are part of a large market that is looking for natural products to enhance those romantic times. Cannabis is being experimented by many seniors and those that do not want a psychoactive experience are turning to CBD infused products.

 How to use CBD oil can be achieved through many different methods:

  1. Inhaling by vaping or smoking, this is one of the quickest ways to get the effects needed. CBD oil can be smoked by using an oil rig that is similar to using a water pipe. If you choose to smoke a joint, pick a marijuana strain high in CBD content, possibly AC/DC, remember there will be some effects from the small amount of THC that will also be in your joint. Vaping your CBD oil will provide a quick onset, less harshness to the throat, and easy in managing the dosage.
  • Topical application is perhaps the easy way to consume your CBD. There are no tools required, and topical balms can be applied directly to the affected area. An excellent method of relieving tired, sore muscles or for rubbing on the temples to help relieve a headache. The effects of CBD, when used this way, do not last as long as some of the other methods used.
  • Edibles this method of using your CBD oil is available in gummies, cookies, drinks, and many CBD-infused foods that you can prepare for yourself. This method of consuming your CBD has the longest lasting effect and is delivered in a discreet manner
  • Sublingually taking CBD is discreet and needs no other tools. The bottles used for the oil resemble eyedrops and can be used by dropping a few drops under the tongue, hold the liquid in your mouth for about thirty seconds before you swallow.

Experts believe that CBD oil has its place in the bedroom. Endless people suffer from performance anxiety and using CBD can help to alleviate this problem. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), helping to reduce pain relaxing the muscles and enhancing sexual encounters. CBD products can help to ignite that spark again if needed in the bedroom or start a new fire to burn through the sexual journey you and your partner are hoping to achieve. Keep in mind that if edibles are method that you choose to help in enhancing the mood, be patient this method can take up to two hours before the full effects are felt.  


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