Various factors need to be considered when setting up a new business or office. Among these factors, the safety of employees and clients always comes first. No business owner or employer can afford to take a risk which may endanger the lives of people working for him. The world of contemporary design revolves around aesthetically-pleasing materials such as glass that also have a positive impact on customers. Hence, the use of bullet-resistant glass continues to become common in the world of contemporary design which provides high-end security without compromising aesthetics.

Retail shop and business owners crave for a durable design idea which is attractive and long-lasting. Bulletproof glass is a perfect material choice for cash counters and teller windows where security is the topmost concern. The modern high-strength glass adds in an extra layer of protection between the worker and the armed robber. These security measures not only protect the workers & customers but also sets off a good impression on the minds of walk-in customers. Clients respect businesses that value security the most. 

Businesses and offices are always at risk of a break-in and criminals & robbers are always in search of an opportunity to pounce-in. That’s why it is important to protect businesses & shops against such armed attacks which often takes an ugly turn. The bulletproof glass is mainly developed for such applications and commercial uses where compromising on security is not an option. Made up of multiple layers of glass, these glasses provide adequate protection against bullets or any other high-velocity flying projectiles. 

What Happens When a Bullet Hits the Bullet-Resistant Glass?

Bullet Hits the Bullet Resistant Glass

The strength and resistance of bullet-resistant glassare mainly dependent on the thickness of the glass. Thicker glass provides better resistance and is used in strategically-important buildings and structures. These thick glasses are designed to sustain damage caused by automatic rifles and advanced weaponry. On the other hand, the ordinary bulletproof glass is relatively thinner and is designed to provide protection against handguns and pistols. The basic design of these glasses involves the use of multiple panes of glass separated by a layer of plastic also known as polyvinyl butyral.

Its unique design is key to its protective capabilities and bullet resistance. When a bullet strikes the surface of bullet-resistant glass, the energy divides and breaks as the bullet tries to penetrate through multiple layers of glass. This breakdown of energy kills the force and velocity of the bullet and the plastic layers are used to keep the glass in place even when it shatters & breaks. Their overall appearance is similar to the ordinary glass and it is incredibly difficult for the robbers to identify such a glass. This disguise makes it even more effective as the robbers are totally unaware of the true strength and resilience of the fragile-looking glass.

Reporting of How Bulletproof Glass Have Helped Save Lives

The bullet-resistant glass has already come to the aid of many workers and officers in terrifying times of distress. There have been incidents recorded on CCTV cameras that show how a simple layer of protective glass has saved the precious lives of innocent workers and customers. One such common incident is Boston Market Shooting during which an armed assailant fired half a dozen shots directly at the market windows to no avail. The safety glass has also protected workers in petrol stations at times of robberies & burglaries. There have been several testimonials of store clerks who had thanked safety glass for saving their lives in times of attempted robbery. 

Bullet-Resistant Glass Vs Ordinary Glass

The bullet-resistant glassresembles the ordinary glass in appearance and that’s where the resemblance ends. In terms of performance, there is a major difference between the two. The ordinary glass is designed solely to cater to the needs of aesthetic beauty. On the other hand, the bulletproof glass sole purpose is to provide high-end protection without compromising on aesthetics or visual appeal. The ordinary glass is incredibly fragile and breaks at the slightest of impacts. However, the safety glass is high-strength and resilient and can withstand several impacts of bullets without breakage. 

The ordinary glass is perfect for indoor home settings where safety is the least of all concerns. In the case of businesses & offices, the poor strength resistance of ordinary glass makes it highly inappropriate for such applications. The businesses & offices cannot afford to put the lives of workers and clients at risk and the provision of safety glass is merely a necessity in such business settings. It is not possible to refrain from the use of glass in business settings as there are hardly any material choices that provide the same level of aesthetic brilliance as glass. In this case, the only plausible option is to use high-strength and resilient bulletproof glass.

How Does a Bullet-Resistant Glass Help Provide Safety to your Business?

The safety glass provides safety to your business by adding in an extra layer of protection without compromising on visual beauty. These safety glasses are adequate for glass doors and windows and to protect the insiders at times of gunfire, robbery, and burglaries. The bullet-resistant glassis best for businesses as it keeps the visual beauty of the building, store, or office exterior truly intact.

Types of Bullet-Resistant Glass

  1. Acrylic Plastic
  2. Laminated Glass
  3. Polycarbonate 
  4. Insulated Ballistic Glass
  5. Glass-Clad Polycarbonate (GCP)

Which One Should You Use? Our Recommendation

The traditional bulletproof glass is laminated glass which encompasses multiple layers of glass. Many contemporary types have been developed with the basic concept of lamination. Glass-Clad Polycarbonate (GCP) is one of the most resilient types of glass whose strength is not solely dependent on thickness. GCP glasses are popular in exterior windows and doors where security is the topmost priority. Acrylic plastic or simple laminated glasses do also provide adequate bullet resistance and is often the preferred choice of store owners who are in search of a low-cost alternative.    


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