With the world of travel looking to return to an element of normality after the impact of the pandemic, you might be browsing sites like sanetraveller for inspiration on where to go and what to do when you can take to the skies again.

One thing that is often a source of frustration when you are planning a trip is to discover that the price you thought you were paying for a flight turns out to be much more than you budgeted for because of hidden extras and fees you weren’t aware of.

Here are some of those unpredictable fees you need to be wary of when booking with an airline.

Change of plans?

In these uncertain times, it is understandable that you might have to make some changes to your flight plans, and that is often a scenario that will end up costing you money.

Amending or canceling a reservation can often involve a so-called administration fee.

Some airlines have introduced flexible fares where you can change your dates without a fee, so look out for the terms when you book.

How you book makes a difference

You need to be aware that you could pay a charge for making a telephone booking whereas you can book your flight online for free.

Check your booking options and the charges to ensure you don’t pay a fee as a result of how you book your flight.

Luggage allowance

One of the most prevalent add-ons with airlines is a carry-on charge, where you have to pay a fee to bring a bag with you on board.

Economy seats often attract an extra charge for carry-on luggage. Check what’s included in the standard ticket price when it comes to luggage allowances.

Be wary of Wi-Fi

It’s nice to have access to Wi-Fi on your flight but watch what the charges are as some airlines charge a flat rate and some by the hour, both of which could be very expensive.

Something from the bar?

Some tickets include complimentary snacks and drinks and other flights, but others don’t include any sort of free refreshments.

As you can’t take your own food and drink onto the plane it is worth looking at what is included as your in-flight snacks could add up and increase the cost of your flight.

Window or aisle seat?

Another regular airline tactic is to charge a fee for selecting your seat.

Shop around, as some airlines allow you to pick for free the day before you fly and others charge if you want to choose where you sit.

Flying for free

You might have accumulated some frequent-flyer points and decide to redeem them against the cost of your next flight, however, some airlines impose a fee when you ask to use your points.

Check the terms of rewards schemes to see which ones are genuinely free and which ones charge when you want to use your points.

Added extra for comfort

Last but not least, be careful when you ask for a pillow or blanket on your flight, as you might be charged for that extra bit of comfort.

It is these little extra charges that can soon add up and the total cost of your ticket can soar past the original amount if you don’t watch out.

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