If you are a Volkswagen driver, you need to ensure that your car gets the best maintenance service and on time. Most drivers wait until the last minute for them to service their cars. But this is risky and can end up inconveniencing you a lot especially during holidays and high seasons.

The best thing is to avoid being caught up in the last-minute rush trying to service your car. If you are planning to travel with loved ones, ensure that your car is in good condition a week or two before the trip. This will give the mechanic enough time to repair your car in case it has serious mechanical issues. There are two ways that you can avoid last-minute rush with car service. First is by having your vehicle serviced by an authorized Volkswagen dealer service like VW service Brisbane and secondly is ensuring that your vehicle is serviced regularly.

Service your car with a Volkswagen Dealer

Volkswagen is a German engineering specialty car. As such, authorized dealers know how the vehicles are engineered more than anyone else. There are several reasons why you should have your car serviced by an authorized Volkswagen dealer.

Dealers use genuine parts and fluids

To maintain the quality of your car, authorized dealers will use vehicle parts and fluids that have been approved by the manufacturers. Often, these parts are of high quality and are designed precisely for use in Volkswagen cars. The danger of using unauthorized dealers is that they might use counterfeit parts that are of low quality. This ultimately compromises the overall performance of your car.

Authorized dealers will keep your Volkswagen warranty valid

Servicing your car with unauthorized dealers can void your warranty. Volkswagen offers different kinds of warranties depending on the car model that one buys. These warranties cover repairs that are meant to rectify defects made by the manufacturer from the factory. To keep your warranty valid, ensure that your car is serviced by an authorized dealer.

Authorized dealers use up-to-date equipment

Acquiring Volkswagen diagnostic and repair equipment is very expensive. For this reason, independent dealers prefer to use generic equipment that is way cheaper. This means that the quality of the services is highly compromised. To give your Volkswagen car the best service, authorized dealers have genuine, up-to-date equipment that guarantees Volkswagen car owners quality service because they are specifically designed for such vehicles.

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Authorized dealers have certified technicians

Independent dealers know a lot about cars in general and may even have serviced several Volkswagen models. But the technicians you find at an authorized Volkswagen dealership specialize in Volkswagen cars only. They are trained and certified by the manufacturer to specifically attend to Volkswagen vehicles. This means they understand this type of vehicle in and out and have all the necessary expertise to provide the best service and maintenance to your car.

Servicing your car regularly

The other reason Volkswagen car owners find themselves in a last-minute rush is poor service and maintenance of their cars. In most cases, drivers continue to run their cars even when they are overdue for service. This reduces the life of the car engine and compromises its performance levels. Servicing your car at an authorized dealership alone is not enough – you need to ensure that you service it on a regular basis. There are many benefits of servicing your Volkswagen car regularly. They include:

Lower maintenance costs

Regular car maintenance prevents unexpected malfunctioning of your Volkswagen by ensuring that problems are identified and fixed on time. It also ensures that your vehicle does not malfunction – leaving stranded by the roadside. When you service your car every time it falls due for servicing, you avoid costs associated with car towing in the event of a malfunction, hiring mechanics and temporary cars to get to your destination.

Guarantees your safety

One of the main reasons why you should always service your car is to ensure that you and other people who use the car are safe. Although there are many reasons why car accidents occur, car neglect has resulted in a significant number of accidents. Inflated tires, low fluid levels, defective steering and braking systems or any other car issues can lead to serious road accidents.

Maintains the value of your car

Regular car servicing creates a maintenance record. In the event you want to sell your car, this maintenance record affects its resale value. Also, most warranties require a particular number of service checks to guarantee the validity of a car. As such, more service checks means high resale value.At the same time, buyers are always interested in finding out the state and performance of a car before they make a purchase. Regular servicing helps in maintaining your car’s performance and ensures that it is in good condition. When you have a car maintenance record from an authorized Volkswagen dealer, this becomes easy to prove. If your car is well maintained, you will not only sell it for a higher value but also have an easy time selling it.