4 Downsides of Essays in College and How to Deal With Them Easily

ownsides of Essays in College and How to Deal With Them Easily

College students know the struggle of writing good essays, and it can be quite overwhelming to some. That’s why we advise you to read this to the end and use our free advice to better your circumstances.

There is always space to improve your writing, and doing so can help you learn your strengths and weaknesses in the writing process. Especially when it comes to essays in college, where the reflective knowledge of your writing skills will grow and expand over time.

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1.  Writing A Proper Start Can Prove Difficult

The beginning of your essay can determine a lot for the rest of it. Writing a proper hook can be difficult, as well as writing the introductory paragraph. The format remains the same for most types of essays, but some might have different prerequisites, so check the format requirements beforehand.

Not only that, but many students might experience writer’s block when they begin to write and expand on their chosen topic.

How To Deal With It:

Writer’s block is normal, especially in circumstances where the student feels stressed out and pressured by a deadline. Often, this leads to many of us experiencing tunnel vision. Solutions aren’t coming to us easily. What you can do to deal with this is by taking a step back, calming your breath, and maybe meditating for a few minutes.

After you’ve calmed down, get back to the task at hand. Of course, it will be much easier to progress if you’ve already established:

  • An appropriate central topic that’s not too broad to cover but still leaves room for debate and discussion. Choosing a topic that you can add further analysis to is the best option. It’s not easy to cover a topic that’s already too firmly established or too lofty and broad.
  • A proper outline that you can follow when writing your first draft. This will help you overcome writer’s block since you already have a strong reference at hand.

If you don’t have these two elements prepared, this is probably one of the main reasons why you’re experiencing writer’s block and can’t start. You should not skip out on these two elements. They give you a solid foundation for starting your essay.

2.  Doubt And Lack of Confidence In Writing

This can be especially relatable to first-year students in college. Doubt and not having faith in their writing skills can plague students. They might not be able to execute their essay writing task or might put themselves under a lot of stress when there is a task at hand. So, how would they deal with this?

It’s normal for students to feel as if they lack the required skill set to overcome a task, especially as young impressionable adults. Let these feelings pass, and believe in your capabilities.

How To Deal With It:

Try not to underestimate the writing skills you’ve developed in high school and the years leading up to college/university. You might be in a different environment now, but that doesn’t mean you cannot transfer the skills you already have to the college you find yourself in.

Don’t believe that the writing skills you learned in high school are redundant or useless — they’re not. Try to remember and list down what you’ve learned in essay writing over the years. If it helps and is applicable, go over the notes and files you still might have from those years in high school. Apply what you can from then to now.

Doubt And Lack of Confidence In Writing

3.  Learning And Integrating Proper Essay Structure

Essay structure will depend on the professor’s prerequisites and the standards for that specific type of essay. Many essay types share similarities in structure but always deviate in one way or another. There are many types of essays you might be asked to write, so adapting to all of them and not making mistakes is one of the main downsides to college essays.

How To Deal With It:

Make a solid effort to study the different essay structures for different types. This won’t be easy, but if you start right away, you can space out your effort. Start with the ones that are already being asked of you, and memorize the way they should be formed.

You don’t need to memorize each detail perfectly; that can be quite hard, but if you’re capable, then do so. Just try to save the notes and put them aside somewhere. Students can always reread their notes, and if they’ve studied them diligently enough, their memory will not fail them.

4.  Dealing With The Time

When it comes to the completion of a writing task, each student has a different pace, just like any other activity. Some will be slower, and some will be much faster. Whatever your pace is, you should try to consider it seriously when dealing with your time to deal with your writing task.

Time management can be tricky for some students, especially if they haven’t honed their skills in it or paid particular attention to it. Some students might have an unrealistic view of how fast they can achieve a task. This might cause them to put it off and end up trying to finish it with high levels of stress because they did it too late.

How To Deal With It:

If you’re a slow writer, then that’s okay. You know that you need to take more time, so you should space out your effort but start right away. If you start right away, you’ll only need to make a small effort every day before the deadline. This will depend on the difficulty of the task.

However, if you do find yourself with a task that is challenging but not extremely difficult, then do it right away, and you won’t have to cram it all at the last minute. You’ll just need to make stress-free efforts every day until you’ve completed it. If you give yourself enough time, you might not even need to write more than an hour a day on it.

This advice can apply to fast writers as well since it can relieve any student’s stress from trying to complete it. Manage your time, and things will go smoothly for you.

Final Thoughts

Challenges always come along the way in any pursuit of knowledge or betterment, so don’t let them discourage you. Find strength and enjoy the process of overcoming them and learning new skills along the way. We hope this article will help all our student readers find new solutions to their essay-writing dilemmas.

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