Dropshipping: what it is and how to start from scratch with Arabesco Sideral


How to start a business from scratch, without a huge investment of effort and money? It’s quite simple. You’ve probably heard about dropshipping, a simple and affordable e-commerce model.

We wake up with the Internet, with gadgets in our hands and go to sleep. The world has been “living” online for a long time, and business is moving there as well. People are shopping, meeting and learning online. By 2027, dropshipping is projected to become a $591.77 billion industry.

The best ways to dropship and successful schemes of work are not usually disclosed. Share their secrets sometimes a few want to. We are not going to be greedy and tell you in detail how setting up a dropshipping business affects not only the income of newcomers, but also of those who have long been in business.

A dropshipper does not need a warehouse or start-up capital, his business is to sell the product. He sells the manufacturer’s products under his own brand on a dropshipping website business. The buyer finds the product he needs in the seller’s online store, places the order, makes the payment and has no idea who sends him the goods. The supplier ships the products and arranges delivery directly from his warehouse, he is also responsible for quality and makes replacements if necessary. The dropshipper’s profit is the margin (difference) between the supplier’s price and the price at which the product was purchased. 

Have you decided to start a new business? Checking out a new idea or thinking of a dropshipping startup? Where do you start? First of all, make a plan of action and think about your options.  

Every business starts with an idea, product and niche selection. Do market and competitor research, understand who you are going to sell your product to. In other words, find your target audience. To start a dropship internet business you need an accessible, user-friendly and traffic-attracting website. Order it from specialists or create it yourself using an online constructor.

Launch dropship business (dropship startup) and its further promotion looks approximately as follows, you need: 

1. To choose a niche and a product.

2. to study the competitors’ market. 

3. to study, understand and segment the target audience. 

4. Conduct a vendor search and analysis.

5. Conclude partnership agreements. 

6. Create your own website (online store).

7. Work on the promotion and advertising of the online store.

8. Popularize the business in social networks.

9. Work on customer loyalty.

Three factors have a major impact on the profit of the dropshipper’s online store: product margin, website traffic and conversion rate (percentage of visitors who have made a purchase). The dropshipper concentrates all his efforts primarily on marketing and promotion of the product.

Starting a dropship business online is often described from the position of a small wholesaler. In fact, this model is also suitable for large enterprises – those who want to expand their market or increase the range of the online store.

In order not to drown in the sea of information and to find proven and worthy suppliers, Arabesco sideral created its own software product, which allows customers to collect relevant information about goods and services, to monitor the world of trading platforms, to optimize the settlement and financial operations. Arabesco sideral’s software allows for verification against more than 70 evaluation criteria.

Arabesco sideral (link to www.arabesco-sideral.pt ) uses dropshipping to develop customers’ businesses and help its network partners

– Create effective sales channels

– Establish optimal supply chains

– Search for and vet partners

– Get good deals and negotiate prices

– Calculate margins and profits

– Analyze products by value and reviews

– Monitor retailers 

– Monitor middlemen 

At Arabesco Sideral Portugal and its spirit of freedom unite all employees of the company. Everyone is dedicated, creative, helps the customer get the most out of their business and strives to be their trusted partner and loyal friend.

Dropshipping Arabesco Sideral is beneficial for both beginners and those who want to expand their business, increase profits, looking for goods with high margins.

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