Are you fond of Dutch products? Be it food/beverages or health products from the Netherlands.

For the dutch people who live abroad, missing home food and familiar products from the home country is quite normal. However, online retailers make it possible to give you a home-like feel by offering any dutch product straight from Holland or Belgium to your home.

In the era of online shopping and faster delivery, nothing is impossible. Ordering anything from the Netherlands for yourself and even for your kids is just an online-cart away.

Dutch Expat Shop offers doorstep delivery of Belgium or Holland products worldwide. Not only for Dutch nationals living abroad, anyone who is fond of products from the Netherlands can order it in any country.

Order products from Holland and Belgium

Dutch Expat shop has broader categories of products from the Netherlands that you can order.

. Food products:

Starting from a sandwich spread, pancake mix to even meals from Holland is available to order. You can enjoy organic dutch food and get your kid’s favorite cookie from Holland anywhere in the world.

The webstore also offers Frozen snacks such as ice cream, meat, even Pizza. Organic food, Vegan food, or non-vegetarian food, it’s all available on the webstore in a reasonable price range.

. Beverages:

Dutch Expat Shop takes care of your coffee and tea cravings also. Any kind of beverage, be it coffee or fine champagne, be it smoothies or fruit juices from Holland and Belgium, the webstore sends it to your doorstep.

The beverages from the home country are closer to the hearts of citizens. Citizens of The Netherland are lucky enough to get to enjoy refreshments anywhere they go.

. Baby products:

Babies take time to get used to new products such as food, vitamins, or baby products. Dutch Expat webstore even has baby vitamins, toothpaste, baby milk, fruit syrups, and cookies for children.

People who recently moved out of the Netherlands with their babies can still continue to use regular dutch products for the kids.

. Chicken and Meat  Products from The Netherlands

You can buy famous dutch sausages, meat, fish, cheese, salads from the webstore. Dutch Expat Shop is making sure the people outside of the Netherlands can enjoy anything from Holland and Belgium.

Shipping and Ordering Details:

Depending on how much weight you order and what corner of the world you are in, delivery takes up to 30 days. Processing the shipment and sending it to your home anywhere in the world takes a variable amount of time.

However, the packets you receive will be in good condition and tightly packed. Which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

Select a county and order your favorite dutch products that you miss the most outside of the Netherlands. The webstore sends your packages with minimum delivery fees possible.Dutch Expat Shop is trying to fill the void of home-like-feel for people staying out of the Netherlands by offering an excellent old dutch feeling. Surfing through the webstore, you will find all the regular products that you wish you had with you.


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