Early Signs of Fibroids

A woman’s body can go through several problems, most of which can be stopped from turning into something major, if the complication is detected at an early stage. Therefore, always keep an eye on signs related to fibroids in order to avoid painful episodes in future. Before you look for doctors for fibroids in Houston, TX you must know if you are showing early signs of this issue. 

Inexplicable backache or pain in the legs

No doubt Restless Leg Syndrome is becoming quite common these days, but if it is followed by a severe pain in the back and legs, visiting a doctor would always be advised. Such a problem can hamper your performance at work and also lead to complications in daily activities of life. Sitting on the floor and getting up can be quite uncomfortable for a woman with such pain in her body.

Recurring constipation

If you have visited a doctor for your constipation issue, or your home remedies have worked temporarily, but your constipation keeps coming back after some days, maybe it’s an early sign of fibroids. Finding a good doctor to detect this issue and healing it with patience can lead to a comfortable life.

Your menstrual cycle lasts more than seven days

Usually, a menstrual cycle of a woman with a healthy body is of five to six days, wherein there is quite a heavy flow during the first three days of period that reduces from the fourth day. However, if your flow is heavy and you bleed for more than seven days a month, only a good doctor can help you with a good remedy.

You have the urge to pass urine quite frequently

This can be a sign of other complications in the body too, but if most of the above signs are noticed along with this one, it’s a clear sign of fibroids. To get an opinion from a good doctor is always suggested in this case so that even if there is another complication in the body, it can be taken care of.

After urinating, if you feel pressure on the bladder or remain unsatisfied with the passed urination, it is a sign of fibroids too.

Pain in the pelvic region

The pelvis region starts paining as fibroids develop inside the body. Thus, even if there is slight pain in this area, along with pressure, a doctor’s opinion is needed. 


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